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Here's a video of our Motivational Mugs - the process is the same for all of our mugs

Photo Mugs from Fun Fotos To Go are a great way to give a high perceived value item to your guests with a relatively low cost.

We can make about one mug a minute completely customized with your photo on one side and anything you want on the other side. What a great way to memorialize family weekend, homecoming, valentines day or any other event.

The mugs are amazing looking and will last forever.

Guests can choose from ANY of these sayings – and MORE. Their photo goes on one side, the saying of their choice on the opposite side.

Guests literally have over 20 choices (and growing) when choosing “Coffee and Humorous Mugs”

Guests can choose from ANY of these sayings – and MORE. Their photo goes on one side, the saying of their choice on the opposite side.

The frame around the guest photo can be any color and we can also include the company or school name, event info and/or a logo to make sure that your event is remembered each and every time the mug is used.

Guests literally have over a hundred choices when choosing “Motivational Mugs”

An example of how we can customize to any theme.

Recently a school provided us with fan art from the popular Harry Potter Series of books. They’re a fans representation of the house shields.

With the artists permission we put the house shield on one side of the mug and the student’s photo in an ornate gold frame on the other side.

What’s your theme? What’s your dream? We can make it happen! Have our designers create it – or send us your own art and we’ll work our magic of putting it onto a mug!

Above are some samples of how we’ve used client logos on one side of the mug and put the guest photos on the opposite side.

This is a great way to be reminded of an event every single morning when using the mug.

How many mugs can you make in an hour?
Our goal, which we accomplish or exceed at 90% of all events is to do 60 mugs per hour.

That will depend on how many people you have in line, heat, humidity and availability of water, power and other needs so we can keep running at optimum speed at all times.

Our teams are competitive and we try to break our own records at every gig. The current record in a 4 hour period is 280!

How many people do you send to the event?

All mug events include a photographer and someone to press the mugs unless other arrangements have been made.

How many mugs do you press at a time?

We typically bring 4 heat presses to each event and keep them working non-stop. We can produce even more mugs in the time we have if we add additional mug presses and operators. If you’re expecting huge crowds, ask about this option and we can almost double our productivity by adding another staff member.

What size and style mugs do you have?
Our standard mugs are 11 oz white mugs.

You can also get 15 oz. mugs or mugs with different color interiors. We can even do solid black mugs. Each of these options will adjust the price upward, but if you’re going for a specific effect it may be worth the extra expense for you.

Can we customize?

Of course! That’s the whole point. Put your logo, event info, hashtags, whatever you want on the mugs. We can design them for you or you can design them yourselves and we’ll use your artwork. Either way, we’ll help you with design details. Let your imaginations run wild.

What themes do you already have available?
We have the following Mug themes already available and can offer dozens of choices if we use our “ready to go” artwork on one side. This still allows you to customize the photo side of the mug.

  • Motivational Mugs
  • Coffee Sayings
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Love Mugs (Valentines Day)
  • Money Mugs
  • Education Quotes
  • And we’re adding more all the time.
How long is an event?
We book in 4 hour blocks of time.

Events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We can typically produce 200-300 mugs in a 4 hour period.

We may stop taking photos about 30-45 minutes before the end of the event as the photo taking takes less time that the printing and pressing of mugs (which have to cook for 3 minutes then cool down). But we’ll be making mugs and working as hard as possible for the whole 4 hours.

Can you make us an individual mug?
Can we take group photos?
Of course. We try to limit it to 3-4 people, as that’s what looks best, but we’ve had much larger groups though.

Each person in the group is usually given a mug, though we ask, if there’s a line, that they get back in line if they also want individual mugs.

It’s truly up to YOU. Know that larger groups do tend to cause a backlog as each mug has to print, then be in a press for 3-4 minutes. So one group of 12 can back up the line for up to 12-15 minutes. Which is one of the other reasons we suggest limiting to 3-4 people in the photo.

What are your space needs?
Basically we need the following

  • 2 – 6′ or 8′ banquet tables
  • 10′ x 20′ space (or larger)
  • 2 electrical outlets, preferably on separate circuits.

Pretty Simple.

You can download a sample layout here.

Order and customize your own mug online using our product designer.

You are welcomed and encouraged to provide us with custom artwork for your event. This can be anything from a logo to be used along side our frames to full customization. Details and specs for each are below.

Logo Only
Logos should be submitted with at least a 900×900 pixel resolution with EITHER a clean white background, or with a transparent background. .PNG, .PSD or .JPG formats are preferred, though .PDF can be worked with.
Full Mug
  • Image Size should be 2550 pixels by 1050 pixels (8.5 inches x 3.5 inches at 300 DPI)
  • When using a frame around the guest photo the area behind the photo (Background) should be in a layered .psd file, or as a separate .jpg image.
  • The “overlay” should be a transparent .png (or a layered .psd) with the frame area.
  • Example Below

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