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Human Snow Globe

Guests get INSIDE our GIANT INFLATABLE globe to take pictures (up to a dozen people at a time – more can stand around it)!

We then print the photo with a frame around it that has your event info on it and give one to each person in the picture.

If you want to get really “meta” we can put the picture into an actual snow globe!

  • 2 x 110v power supply
  • Indoors is best as the globe is not designed for windy conditions
  • 10′ minimum ceiling height
  • space is 25′-30′ from the camera to the back of the snow globe and at least 15′ wide
  • Here’s a diagram of our layout. CLICK HERE
How many photos an hour can we expect?

It depends on how many get in as a group. Typically we print about 75 prints an hour with the Human Snow Globe.

Is your Human Snow Globe appropriate for formal events?

No. Our current Snow Globe is one that you climb into – which is great fun at college and family events, but not so much for formal events. We are in the process of designing and having made a Snow Globe for more formal events that you’ll be able to walk into. This should be ready by fall 2016 and we’ll update the website to show it when it’s available.

Can we do our event outdoors?

We don’t recommend it. If there is any kind of breeze it can shut us down as the Globe is not built for windy conditions. Sun glare, lighting etc, can also play a part in making it less appealing. This unit was designed to be done indoors. If your event MUST be outside then the client assumes all risks of weather and To Go Events retains the right to shut down the attraction if deemed unsafe. We’ve had great outside events, and we’ve had times we’ve had to shut it down. We’ve always had great indoor events.

It's an inflatable, can we jump in it?


How many people fit inside?

Groups of 3-4 fit easily and we’ve had as many as 12 – though it was a challenge to get them all in and out.

Is there snow inside the Human Snow Globe?
No, it’d all fly out as people entered and exited and make a huge mess.

Plus, since we’re trying to get a good picture there’s a chance that snow flakes would obstruct faces, especially in larger groups.

It’s a cute idea, but not at all practical.

Can we customize the prints?

Of course. You can add a logo, event info, borders – anything you want, or let us design something for you.

  • Photographer
  • Assistant to help “load” people into the globe
  • 10′ Inflatable Human Snow Globe
  • Customization of prints
  • And of course all of the technical needs to take and print lab quality photo prints.