Students line up for license plates and other novelties from Fun Fotos To Go.

Texas Sample

Go with a replica state tag, or with a fun pattern novelty.Students with License PlatesLargeYour students will line up to get their very own custom printed license plate. Printed and heat bonded permanently to a metal plate it’s a souvenir that will last a lifetime making them think of your event each time they see it

Go with replica state plates, or with designs. Our exclusive combination of technologies give you a wide range of choices, while at the same time keeping production at it’s highest possible level.

We can offer up to 25 choices of plates at each event – or, we can go with a single choice and allow them to customize what it says. It’s all up to you – we’re here to make your event awesome.

Rock the Block Sample small

  • During a 4 hour period, with steady traffic we can typically make 160-250 plates.
  • All License Plate events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We will make as many as are possible in the time that we’re there.
  • Indoor events produce more signs at a more consistent color and quality.
  • Outdoor events assume all risk. Please know that heat, humidity and wind can all cause problems and inconsistencies that can easily be avoided by having us in a climate controlled environment.
  • Full size 6″x12″ plates
  • Mini size plates  3″x6″
  • Replica plates
  • Fun designs
  • Customized designs

All license plate events include:

  • Choice of color, logo and more!
  • Customization of your design, with approvals
  • The finest materials, and equipment
  • Artist and Assistant to press signs included at all events
  • Our Creative Team to help you in every way!