We’ve been asked again and again if we were ever going to put together a show that pays tribute to the kind of games played on TV’s “Minute to Win It” and the time is finally here.

We’ve created our own game, spiced them up to play in a fun way using a group of people at live events and we’ve even figured out how to make it fun and interesting when a million dollars isn’t at stake.

Teams play against each other as teams, and as individuals – and they race each other, as well as the clock!

We’ve put together entertaining videos that explain each of the challenges and collected music that enhances each of the challenges in a fun, upbeat way. In short – we put everything we know about staging live events into this show and came out

Anyone can put together an event to play games.

It takes a team of experience professionals to produce and host an ENTERTAINING EVENT and put on a show!

That’s what we specialize in here at “Game Shows To Go.”


“In It To Win It” and Game Shows To Go are not affiliated with or endorsed by “Minute to Win It”, Guy Fieri, NBC, Universal Television or any company associated with “Minute to Win It”. We think you already know this, but we want to be perfectly clear.

Here's what clients are saying about In It To Win It

We have had Game Shows to Go come at least 3 times for our Verizon employees. As an event coordinator usually it is hard for me to eat the day of an event due to nerves but when Game Shows To Go is our main entertainment, I know I can trust them & actually feel relaxed! Our new Director said having your team was the best decision we made about this most recent event. Gus always keeps the show clean & interactive for everyone! We have employees of all ages including millennials who all LOVE him because he truly knows how to connect with an audience! Heck everyone was standing out of their chairs for the entire hour! Below are the Verizon in house survey results from the most recent event. ... every single person who filled it out stated that YES they enjoyed the event AND 100% of surveyed employees selected the In It to Win It game show as the item they enjoyed the most! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love working with you guys! Please share the results with the team. They make a positive difference in people’s lives across the country by following utilizing their talents & following their passion!
Melissa DillerVerizon Wireless
" You, James and CJ are absolutely awesome!!! The talk is already around the central administration building about what a fantastic time the Business & Finance division had during our retreat. I can't thank you guys enough for your talent, high energy and expertise. As promised, I will share my experience with other department managers who plan retreats for their areas and also with anyone else who will listen to me brag about your team. I wish I could thank you all bigger than what I have. If EVER we have need of services like yours, you all will be the ones we call. That's a guarantee!! Feel free to share my testimonial on your website....including this email. We appreciate your professionalism before, during and after our event. We were more than pleased with your service. And lastly, thanks for sharing the pictures you took. These are memories we definitely wanted captured. Until next time, you, James and CJ, take good care."
Sabrena EllisNorfolk VA Public School Administration

Edward Jones Testimonial

Corporate Game Show In It To Win It delivers for Company meeting

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