Fast Action Trivia



Fast Action Trivia for Trade Show Entertainment

Fast Action Trivia at the NAA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Our Fast Action Trivia Game Show is great fun as an entertainment event and it is just what the doctor ordered for the Trade Show Environment, Training Sessions or when clients tell us they want a “Jeopardy” style game show.* (This usually means they questions, buzzers and lots of trivia, but not the dry Jeopardy format that only plays well on TV). We have several styles of Buzzer Stations, scoring and a huge bank of trivia questions, or we can write questions just for your college, corporate, trade show, convention, festival or high school event. Heck, we’ve even written a couple of shows for Elementary School aged kids with educational merit.

Some people refer to this as “Game Show Mania” because that’s what the company who builds the hardware calls it. We’ve taken the show WAY beyond just trivia questions and we’ve made it a funny, competitive and very, very entertaining to watch and to play.





Fast Action Trivia for teens

Fast Action Trivia as a part of Brain Cell during the SAWS Confluence in San Antonio, TX

This is our go to game show for the trade show floor

We can supplement the trivia about a clients product with gag questions, comedy, video backgrounds and lots more. The winner of each round on the trade show floor gets to spin a prize wheel – helping your budget for prizes and creating another level of excitement.

The production levels can vary greatly on this show, and locally in the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston areas we can put on quite a great looking event at our bronze level pricing tier.

Trade Show Entertainment that informs, educates and entertains

Fast Action Trivia having fun in Las Vegas at the SHRM Conference 2015.

Available at all levels of production, with or without video backgrounds (it’s not required for the game play)

Player Stands can be 2 digit or 4 digit read out and can have custom made fronts for branding the stands to your event. Can be set up with 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. We have several options and styles to choose from and we’ll make sure the gear we bring with us meets your specific goals and needs.

When you’re looking for the fast action of Jeopardy, without the dryness, this is the Game Show that you’re probably interested in. We’ve taken all of the things that people love about Jeopardy and we’ve stripped away the things that slow it down as a live event (which plays much differently than show recorded for TV audiences). If you insist, we can make people answer in the form of a question – but we don’t recommend doing so and it just gets confusing when people haven’t trained for the game. Oddly, contestants often answer with a question anyways.

*We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Jeopardy, it’s hosts or producers in any way. We know that you know that, but we’re saying it anyways.

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