In addition to great novelty events we also provide some top notch live entertainment.

Game Shows as live entertainment are truly specialOur Game Shows To Go can be found on their own tab in the navigation system.

We offer 7 fully audience tested game shows. Survey Says, a feud style show; Beat the Banker, a briefcase opening show; Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader, our tribute/nostalgia game show; BONK – a hilariously funny game show; Brain Cell, a game show where everyone plays using their cell phones; In It To Win It, the game of 60 second challenges; and Fast Action Trivia – straight forward questions and answer game show. It’s great live entertainment for your college, corporate, school or other event.

The spikes of DOOM!!! great live entertainment and magic

The Spikes of Doom!

Magic – this is where we all started in the entertainment business. Founder CJ Johnson started performing magic in 1984 while still in college at Texas A&M. He met our VP Gus Davis at a Magic Camp in Austin Texas when Gus was only 13 years old. Our chief technician James Caldwell was also a camper at Magic Camp that Gus has known since he was only 6 years old. This kind of long term relationships is why we refer to ourselves as “Family”. Take a look at our live entertainment magic options.





CJ mesmerizing an audience during the Brooks & Dunn Neon Circus Tour

CJ mesmerizing an audience during the Brooks & Dunn Neon Circus Tour

Hypnosis – this is where we started in the college market. In 1996 C.J. Johnson started performing hypnosis shows in the college market and we’ve expanded from those beginnings. BTW, you’ll never hear him say it, but his comedy hypnosis show is one of the best in the country. It’s fast, funny and always clean. You should consider bringing him to your event. He brings the experience of thousands of shows over 2 decades of shows and the true spirit of a showman. It’s a special kind of live entertainment that just can’t be beaten.