Waffstix Waffles on a stick

Waffstix from To Go Events provide a unique and fun food item for your next event.

Waffstix are delicious snack or mini-meal served on a stick festival style. It makes any event a festival!

Our delicious belgian waffle batter cooks up golden brown and they’re served piping hot. Guests add their own sauces (Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry and Maple Syrup are included at every event) and can also add sprinkles, powdered sugar and other fun toppings.

Mr. Waffstix

It’s not just great food, it’s engaging entertainment as people get very creative with their toppings.!

Waffstix Waffles on a stick for college events

To Go Events brings two waffle irons, which make 4 waffles each and can produce between 60-90 per hour to every event! And our hosts are always fun, entertaining and super easy to work with – just as we are at every other event we do.

This is just the first in our “Fun Foods To Go” line up. More are coming soon.

Waffstix Waffles on a stick made fresh at your events
Waffstix are delicious and fun. Food on a stick makes any event a PARTY!
How many can you make an hour?
Right now we can make about 60-90 per hour. We expect that our production will increase as we gain more experience.
We have a BIG event - can we increase production?
The only way to increase production would be to double our staff and our waffle irons. Hence it’d double the price and the travel/lodging expenses.
Does your crew have food handling experience/cards?
Of course.
What's this going to cost us?
That’s the big question isn’t it. The answer isn’t so simple that we can post a price as we have to figure out travel costs, lodging, and other logistics.

For college events visit our awesome agent Everything But The Mime at https://everythingbutthemime.com/act/waffle-stix/

All other events fill out the contact page and be sure to indicate WAFFSTIX in the notes and give us a date and location for your event so we can properly quote it.

Do you have allergen information?
YES. We have it posted at each event that the batter contains Milk, Eggs and Soy.

Unfortunately we don’t have a delicious batter that gets rid of these allergens.

Do you charge by the serving or by the hour?
Actually, it’s a combination of both. It’s usually maxed out between 250-400 servings.

Waffstix have a very simple set up and very basic needs.

  • We need four 6′ tables.
  • Access to a commercial sink for clean up/sanitation. (contact your cafeteria to get this)
  • Access to two 120v, 20 amp outlets (We can run off of one, but it’s better to spread the power)
  • Power should be extended to our tables, or within 20 feet. We carry extension cords, but they’re not for distances of more than 20′.
  • If outdoors we MUST be in a covered area for health department reasons.
  • Access to venue a minimum of one hour before the event to set up and mix batter.

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