TJCSGA Convention 2016

CJ and Kim at the TJCSGA 2016 Convention in Austin. Making Cuff Bracelets and Mini Street Signs.

We had a fun time with the students at the Annual TJCSGA (Texas Junior College Student Government Association) Convention in Austin.

Student leaders from around the state of Texas converge once a year, practice Robert’s Rules of Order, dress nicely and learn about subjects affecting college campuses (and especially Jr. colleges) around the state. They also get to see novelties and entertainment that they can bring to their campuses as the stewards of their Student Activities Fees often is handled by student government on these campuses.

Fun Fotos To Go and our agent Everything But the Mime showcased quite a few events including Fun Fotos To Go Green Screen Photos and Cuff Bracelets/Mini Street Signs. Our friends from EBTM Lester and Susan and Campus Spa were also there.

Remember TJCSGA members – we’re there to support you because you support us. All of the acts and novelties that you see at the convention are available to come to your campuses, and we’d love to do that. Just fill out a contact form and let’s get the ball rolling.

Tip of the hat to Amanda from SJCC for chairing this huge event.