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Thank you for helping coordinate the Street Signs event. It was a hit! I was unable to attend, but have been told by UAC president and vice-president that everyone loved the signs. They said around 400 signs were made. I am amazed. They also mentioned that Gus and James were great!
CJ and James were wonderful to work with! They showed up on time, were self-efficient, pleasant, friendly, fun! We had a lot of 10/10 ratings, so many great comments, and several people asking to bring them back. This is definitely an event we will have in the future.
Everything went well for the Fun Fotos (Street Signs), it was a huge hit.
"It was Amazing. The best events we've had in years."
Terri PIckettUniversity of Louisiana - Lafayette
"It was amazing!! As always our students LOVE LOVE LOVED it (along with faculty & staff). Thanks for going above and beyond."
OL KelleyNavarro College
Students Line Up for Signs Street Signs at Navarro College

We customize 18″ x 4″ aluminum street signs with names, photos, logos or just about anything you want.

Add your company or school logo and colors and let your guests choose what they want their customized street sign to say.

From Start to finish it only takes a couple of minutes for your guests to get a permanent street sign to hang in their dorm room, office cubicle, home, man cave or anywhere they want.

Best of all, these aren’t cheap vinyl cut letters, these are custom imprinted and heat pressed into the sign material making the image a permanent, weather-proof part of the materials. Because of this, we can print full-color logos, names, multiple color outlines and photographs or photo backgrounds.

These street signs are sure to be a hit at your next event. Students will line up to get theirs! We guarantee it.

More backgrounds added regularly. More than 400 pieces of clip art are also available at each event.

All street sign events include:

  • Students can choose color, logo and more!
  • Customization of your design, with approvals
  • The finest materials, and equipment
  • Artist and Assistant to press signs included at all events
  • Our Creative Team to help you in every way!
  • During a 4 hour period, with steady traffic we can typically make 160-250 signs. We recently did 268 at one event!
  • All Sign Making events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We will make as many as are possible in the time that we’re there. Having someone from your staff to help with lines, trash, etc. will help us produce more signs while we’re there.
  • Indoor events produce more signs at a more consistent color and quality.
  • Outdoor events assume all risk. Please know that heat, humidity and wind can all cause problems and inconsistencies that can easily be avoided by having us in a climate controlled environment.

Street Signs need:

  • 3 – 6′ or 8′ tables.
  • 110v power
  • 10′ x 10′ or larger area. 10 x 15 is preferred
  • If outdoors we must be under a covered area or tent protected from direct sunlight
  • A tent with sides that protect from wind will increase our productivity

We are often asked if it’s possible to order a sign after an event, or if you just want one (or a hundred) and the answer is YES.

You can use our automated online designer – or upload your own design (300 dpi, 18″x4″ with a 1/4 safe margin).


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