Snowball Express warms our hearts

Wow. What an amazing event Snowball Express is!

a full Mini Golf Course the entire weekend

Mini Golf was full the entire night. LaQuinta’s volunteers helped kids at each hole.

We were fortunate enough to be able to work, once again with Snowball Express this past weekend. What is Snowball Express? It’s a non-profit organization that brings the children of our fallen military and their surviving parent (or grandparent, aunt, etc) together in Dallas Texas to show them that our nation is grateful for their sacrifice. And we show them an amazing time. (Video at the bottom of this page about Snowball).

It’s a weekend of LOVE, honor, respect and showing these families that 1. They’re not forgotten, nor is their loved one and 2.  They’re not alone.

For us the most touching tradition is the “Walk of Gratitude” where families write a message to their fallen family member on a balloon and they all release them together, sending that message to the heavens for their loved one to get. If you don’t get teared up at this event, you’re not human. It’s emotional and beautiful.

We’ve been involved with Snowball Express on one level or another since 2012 when our good friend David Hira, the CFO (Chief Fun Officer) asked us if we’d bring our Human Snow Globe and take pictures of the families in the Snow Globe. He explained what the event was and we were instantly volunteering to go and help. We’ve helped more and more each year. Taking pictures at breakfast, in the teen lounge, in the kids lounge and even in the Mom’s lounge. The very first appearance of our Mini Golf To Go was at a Snowball Express in 2013 and we did a game show for the Teen Lounge that year as well.

We’ve slowly found our niche’ where what we offer gives the most value and that was the Kids Korner (This year sponsored by La Quinta Inn & Suites – which happens to be our favorite hotel chain when traveling to events – even before this sponsorship).

Jumbo Basketball

Our Giant Basketball was a big hit, even though the ball was as big as some of the kids!

This year we provided a Game Show, Mini Golf, Fun Fotos, our Human Snow Globe (at breakfasts), played costumed characters, Jumbo Games such as Chess, Connect Four, Jenga and Basketball, bounce ponies, spin art, corn hole, photo ornaments and more all for the Kids Korner. And it paid off. 100% of the kids I asked what their favorite part of Snowball Express was named the lounges (Kids Korner) as their favorite time.

Each year I have one “moment” where I lose it in tears. This year it was when I looked around the room and saw each and every thing we’re provided being enjoyed by these kids. I was grinning from ear to ear, so happy that they were all enjoying it… then I remembered the price they paid to be able to attend this event and I started crying. I pulled it together quickly – we try hard not to cry in front of these kiddos, but we truly love each and every one of them and we are truly honored to be a part of this event. Honored.


Walk of Gratitude Balloons

A Game show for 5-11 year olds!The mini golf course was packed

Jumbo Chess Set

Spin art was popularWalk of Gratitude at Snowball Express 2017Gus gets help editing a photo

Corn Hole/Bean Bag TossSnowball Express Balloon Release at Walk of GratitudeKids loved the Giant Connect Four Game