Koozies, Can Wrappers, Insulated Drink Holders - Whatever you want to call them...

We loved this concept of her photo “hugging” the can! Well done!

Photo Can Wrappers (Koozies) are a fun novelty to both promote your event and to have guests remember your event for a long time to come every time they wrap their can in their photo (and your logo!).

Neoprene can wrappers can be printed with literally any design, including your logo, event branding and more.

They’re quick to make and your guests will thank you for them and use them – all the while – remembering your event!

  • During a 4 hour period, with steady traffic we can typically make 160-250 koozies.
  • All sublimation events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We will make as many as are possible in the time that we’re there.
  • Indoor events produce more can wrappers at a more consistent color and quality.
  • Outdoor events assume all risk. Please know that heat, humidity and wind can all cause problems and inconsistencies that can easily be avoided by having us in a climate controlled environment.

All Koozie/Can Wrapper events include:

  • Choice of color, backgrounds, logo and more!
  • Customization of your design, with approvals
  • The finest materials, and equipment
  • Artist and Assistant to press can wraps included at all events
  • Our Creative Team to help you in every way!

All Koozie/Can Wrapper events need the following items.

  • 2 or 3 – 6′ or 8′ tables.
  • 110v power
  • 10′ x 10′ or larger area. 10 x 15 is preferred
  • If outdoors we must be under a covered area or tent protected from direct sunlight
  • A tent with sides that protect from wind will increase our productivity