photo dry erase boards

Blue Square Dots Custom College Photo Dry Erase Board Sample LGStand in front of our green screen, our photographer takes your picture, processes and prints it to special paper, that paper is then heated making the ink a permanent, durable and long lasting part of a dry erase board.

Your custom information, website, social media info, logo or literally ANYTHING can also be included.

From start to finish the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.Dry Erase Board Samples

Long lasting, highly valued and appreciated, this high perceived value product will make your students, employees or guests salivate with desire and giggle with glee when they take home their own customized dry erase board.

Let students choose from dozens of styles and add your logo in the bottom corner, or create something special just for your event. The options are limitless.

Basically we need the following

  • 2 – 6′ or 8′ banquet tables
  • 10′ x 20′ space (or larger)
  • 2 electrical outlets, preferably on separate circuits.

Pretty Simple.

You can download a sample layout here. – it’s the same space needs as our photo mugs and other sublimation events where we are taking photographs.

How many Photo Dry Erase Boards can you make an hour?
Our goal, which we accomplish or exceed at 90% of all events is to do 60 boards per hour. We are often able to do more than that an hour as well. For a 4 hour event, plan on about 220-250 dry erase boards to be made.

That will depend on how many people you have in line, heat, humidity and availability of water, power and other needs so we can keep running at optimum speed at all times.

How many staff members do you send to each event?

All photo dry erase board events include a photographer and someone to press them unless other arrangements have been made.

Can we customize?
Of course! That’s the whole point. Put your logo, event info, hashtags, whatever you want on the photo dry erase boards. We can design them for you or you can design them yourselves and we’ll use your artwork. Either way, we’ll help you with design details. Let your imaginations run wild.

You can also let guests choose from dozens of pre-designed backgrounds and put your logo/event info on the lower part of the while portion of the board. That gives customization while still giving people a wide choice of what they’ll get.

How long is a typical event?
We book in 4 hour blocks of time.

Events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We can typically produce 200-250 photo dry erase boards in a 4 hour period.

We may stop taking photos about 15-45 minutes before the end of the event as the photo taking takes less time that the printing and pressing of the boards (which have to cook for 1 minute then cool down). But we’ll be making boards and working as hard as possible for the whole 4 hours.

Can you make us an individual dry erase board and send it?

We are not set up to do this with any kind of quick delivery. That being said, if you’re patient with us, we certainly can do so. The cost is $21.95 plus shipping for each photo dry erase board.

How in the world do you guys do this?
The process is called sublimation, and though it’s very specialized, it’s pretty simple.

  1. Take a photo against a green screen
  2. Edit the photo, remove the green screen and add whatever artwork is appropriate.
  3. Print the photo to a special printer with special inks.
  4. Secure the paper to a specially treated substrate (in this case a dry erase board)
  5. Apply heat and pressure.
  6. Remove the paper from the substrate (in this case a dry erase board).
  7. Allow to cool.
  8. Present the vibrantly colored, crisp, clear photo dry erase board to your guest.
  9. Repeat.