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Photo Dog Tags

Photo Dog Tags

When you bring Photo Dog Tags to your event you’re bringing a fun in expensive to host photo sublimation event.

Your guests get their photo taken against a green screen, then the photo is quickly edited, the green removed. Then your custom background and optional overlay added and it’s then bonded onto an aluminum photo dog tag to create a long-lasting memento of your event.

Or use guests own photos.

An alternate way to create a photo dog tag is to use the guests favorite photograph on one side of the photo dog tag. This means that your students choose their picture off of their own phone instead of having it taken at the event just like our Cell Phone events. Please specify which way you’d like to do the photos at your college, corporate or school event when scheduling as each type of event is unique and requires different technologies when we show up.

On the opposite side of the photo can be your logo, mascot or anything you want. Or we can duplicate the photo on both sides of the dog tag. It’s totally up to you. Customization is what we’re all about here in the Fun Fotos To Go division of To Go Events.

We then add a chain to hang the photo dog tag from and give guests a souvenir from your event that they’ll keep for a lifetime.

Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
All sublimation (the process used to make permanent changes to hard surfaces) events are booked by the hour, not by the piece.

We can, from time to time, print individual pieces of items and ship them. The pricing for this is on our website if we offer that service for this item.

What can we do to customize?
The sky’s the limit. Any theme, background or overlay can be used.

Keep in mind that we’re working with a smaller space – so keep it simple.

Dog tags work great with a metal looking background behind the photo and a simple logo or event info on the opposite side of the photo.

Photos can also be printed on both sides if you prefer that.

How many dog tags can be made in an hour?
Our goal is about 1 per minute or 60 an hour.

This is a pretty good estimate, though outside elements such as how quickly people move through line to get their photos taken and other things outside of our control can speed us up or slow us down. But all things being equal. About 60 per hour. If you need higher output, let us know, we can, for an additional cost, bring in a second crew or an extra staff member to help speed things along.

Can you work outdoors?
We can, though our quality and speed is better indoors as we’re not fighting heat, wind, humidity and other things that could slow us down or diminish the quality of our product.

That being said… if we are outdoors we require a tent with at least 2 side walls to protect against wind and direct sunlight. A small additional fee also applies for outdoor events.

A tent can be provided if needed for a small extra fee.

  • 3 – 6 or 8 foot sturdy banquet tables
  • 10’x 20′ space (10×10 for photo taking, 10×10 for printing/pressing)
  • 2 electrical outlets, preferably on separate circuits
  • 90 minutes to load in (all tables etc should be ready when we arrive so we can start on time).
  • 2 chairs (chairs on wheels are a bonus!)
  • 30-60 minutes to load out

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