Motivational Mugs LogoWhen was the last time you had 250 students line up to hear a motivational speaker. Chances are… never. Motivational Mugs are different! Your students will line up all day long to participate in this motivational mugs program!

Imagine your students studying 100 of the greatest motivational quotes of all time and trying to decide which one of them they want to live with every day as a part of their very own Motivational Mug!

Then permanently making their photograph a part of that motivational quote.

Motivational speakers appear, leave and are often forgotten, but our self guided tour of the power of a positive outlook will live on every day as your students use the beautiful ceramic motivational mug they make and as they see others using theirs daily..

The self paced choosing of quotes will expose your students to some of the best thinking in the world and will get their minds thinking about all the good they can do. It’s teaching – without preaching – and all disguised as a cool giveaway that they’ll keep forever.

It’s programming with a purpose that your students will line up for!

The “Motivational Mug” program works like this. Students see banners with over 100 motivational quotes to choose from. They choose the motivational quote they like best, then pose for a picture against a green screen. Our custom software removes the background, adds the quote and sends it to the printer. Our staff then applies heat and pressure to the image making it a permanent part of the mug giving your students a “Motivational Mug” to inspire them each morning with their coffee.

Of course, this is a great event for corporate meetings as well. Imagine taking peoples pictures when they arrive, then the next morning when they come down for coffee and meetings they have their very own photo mug waiting for them at their tables. We can make that happen with our amazing fun Motivational Photo Mugs.

Do you charge by the piece or the hour?
All sublimation (the process used to make permanent changes to hard surfaces) events are booked by the hour, not by the piece.

We can, from time to time, print individual pieces of items and ship them. The pricing for this is on our website.

What are other theme ideas?

The sky is the limit! With our Motivational Mugs or our coffee sayings mugs we’ve created a system to allow dozens, even more than 100 choices. However, you can have “Love Mugs” for Valentines Day, Cocoa Palooza Mugs for welcoming people to winter, or literally anything that you’d like printed on the mugs with someones photo.

How many mugs can you make an hour?

We work as hard and as fast as we can while maintaining great quality. We average between 45 and 65 mugs an hour with our goal being 1 per minute. Conditions, technical issues, weather etc. can all effect output. Our average for 2015 was right around 60 per hour and we’re always looking for ways to speed up our output without having to raise our prices.

  • 3 – 6 or 8 foot sturdy banquet tables
  • 10’x 20′ space
  • 2 electrical outlets, preferably on separate circuits
  • 90 minutes to load in (all tables etc should be ready when we arrive so we can start on time).
  • 2 chairs (chairs on wheels are a bonus!)
  • Access to water to fill jugs to cool mugs, a mop closet is perfect, bathroom sink can work.
    Motivational Mugs Tech Needs

    Here’s what we need for Motivational Mugs


Order a custom mug here. 

Our motivational quotes are available in the product designer. Combine that with your own photo and have a mug shipped to you!