Animated Retro Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The Retro Magic Mirror photo booth in action at a corporate event

Retro Magic Mirror Photo Booth

The Retro Magic Mirror Photo Booth from Fun Fotos To Go is the hottest thing in photo booth technology.

Animated graphics guide guests through posing, posting and printing their own photos. Of course, a host is always there to help guide them along the way and to make sure the experience is perfect!

The clean look and elegant design make the magic mirror photo booth THE CHOICE for weddings, corporate events and higher-end events where the look is super important.

Printed Photos – Always!

Guests get a printed photo on the spot and can choose how many prints they want, the can also get digital copies via e-mail or social media (internet connection required).  Be careful of companies that ONLY offer digital copies to be mailed or shared on social media. People have the ability to take pictures with their phones every day, an actual photograph stands out in the crowd and becomes a more treasured possession.

Interactive Screen with or without Audio!

The screen talks to guests, encourages them, counts down to the photo, allows for review, and has endless possibilities to customize it all specifically to your event!

We think that the Magic Mirror Photo Booth is going to be one of the biggest hits we’ve had. When you combine the technology of the magic mirror with the service and experience of Fun Fotos To Go and To Go Events – it’s gotta be great.

Can the Retro Photo Booth be used with Green Screen?
Yes! Using state of the art green screen technology, we can digitally add any background you can imagine.
Do you bring props?
Yes, we bring, hats, “stick prop” items such as glasses, moustaches, lips and more, as well as signs for guests to hold, costumes and a lot more. It helps make the whole event more fun as people get dressed up and get creative.
Are photos customized or branded?
Of course! That’s a big part of the fun. Every photo is branded to the event, the sponsor and the theme. We cater to your specific needs.
Can we choose our backdrop?
Of course!

You can choose literally ANYTHING with our green screen option, or if you want the background to be a part of the decor we have a lot of options to choose from. Some are in the tab “Back Ground Options”, but we can order one specifically for your event, or event have one printed with your company or event logo if you want. And it’ll cost less than you might imagine.

Can we have photos uploaded, texted, or e-mailed?
Of course!

And best of all – there’s no extra charge for that. The only thing needed will be a good internet connection at your event.

  • 1 or 6 foot sturdy banquet table
  • 10’x 10′ space or 10’x15′ space (preferred as it allows room for a prop table)
  • 2 electrical outlets.
  • 60-90 minutes to load in (all tables etc should be ready when we arrive so we can start on time).
  • 2 chairs (chairs on wheels are a bonus!)

Please note that these are mockups using designs (with permission) from Premium One Backdrops. Backdrops pictured here can be used at no additional cost.

More backdrops can be found on Premium One Backdrops site.

Retro Mirror Flier

Our basic package includes:

  • 4×6 photo with up to three options of styles
  • customized photo assets to personalize to your event
  • choice of animation sets for mirror (or we can set to random if you don’t have a theme)
  • choice of one of our in stock backgrounds or green screen
  • table full of props and signs for guests to hold


You can add, for minimal additional costs:

  • Red Carpet
  • Red Velvet Stanchions
  • Custom/Branded Animation Screens
  • Custom signs for guests to hold
  • Duplicate copies of all prints & scrapbook for guests to write next to their photos

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