Green Screen Photos are where it all started for the Fun Fotos To Go division of To Go Events.

They’re still the basis of many of our products, but at the very core, they’re all photographs.

Green screen photos have your guests taking their photo against a green backdrop. Our special software then helps our photographers remove the background to isolate your photo and then place literally ANYTHING YOU WANT behind the remaining photo.

You can travel to foreign lands, outer space, add company or school logos – literally anything. And the customization can be in front of the isolated pictures, or behind as a background.

Photos are printed on site at lab quality in 4×6 format and handed to each guest in the picture. They’re also then (with your permission) shared on Facebook so guests can get a digital copy as well, and so that you can share the album.

You can also upgrade to have your photos on keychains, mugs, luggage tags, dry erase boards and more.