Beat the Banker Game Show is intensely fun and dramatic.

The Beat the Banker Game Show plot.

The plot of the Beat the Banker Game Show is simple. We fill 16 numbered briefBeat the Banker Logocases with money ranging from 1 cent to $600 in cash.
Contestant then picks a case, then slowly eliminates others hoping to not eliminate the high dollar cases along the way. One by one cases are opened in groups of 1, 2 or 3. Each time revealing the contents. Our then contestant hopes to eliminate low-value cases and keep the big money in play. The more big money in play, the higher the bankers offer and the more difficult their decisions become.

Can you Beat the Banker?

Our Banker calls in and offers to buy out the contestant. The contestant has to decide if they want to push their luck or if they want to keep going and see if they can BEAT THE BANKER.

If they choose correctly or bow out at the right time, they’ll go home with a pocket full of someone else’s cash! Beat the Banker Game Show is high production, high fun and very dramatic to play and watch. You’ll have a blast with the Beat the Banker game show at your next college event, school event, corporate event or company party. Let’s get the ball started and fill out a form on our contact page now.

Beat the Banker is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandell or NBC Universal.
No affiliation is expressed or implied. We think you already knew this... but just in case.

McClennen Community College Loved Beat the Banker!

An early review of Beat the Banker

One of our favorite moments of Beat the Banker ever captured on video!

What they're saying about Beat the Banker

"We loved the show (Beat the Banker) and so did our students! Our turn out was more than expected for the event considering the weather, people were drawn into the energy if it. We have never had a game show like this one campus and we want to bring it back."
Megan HenryRowan University
"The show (Beat the Banker) was an absolute hit! As always, Gus and his partner did a terrific job with the event and the crowd. We have had the pleasure of having Gus as our entertainer for three years and look forward to having him at a fourth."
Lisa McGregorRepublic Paperboard

Is Beat the Banker affiliated with ``Deal or No Deal``?
Of course not. You’re joking right?

Beat the Banker is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandell or NBC Universal.
No affiliation is expressed or implied.

Is a prize package included & how much?
Beat the Banker includes a prize package of up to $1800.

The current average prize package for 2015-2017 is $530. The low was $180 and the most given in one show was $1250.

This includes 3 players who will have a chance of getting up to $600 each as well as smaller prizes to audience members and those who open cases on stage.

Pricing for Beat the Banker includes the prize package for all college events.

All NON COLLEGE EVENTS are with the client providing prizes. Each is quoted accordingly.

To receive a price quote please fill out the form on our contact page.

What level of production is Beat the Banker available in?
Beat the Banker is available only at the Gold and Platinum Levels. This is one of the few shows that we don’t have Bronze or Silver versions of. We feel that for this game to feel fair and honest (which they always are) we have to have physical cases with us with actual amounts in them. We have played with software only, but it never had the right feel to it.

Gold Production Shows

All the bells and whistles of a TV Game Show.


  • Host
  • Technician
  • Huge Set
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Briefcases & Stands
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Full Sound System
  • Video Projection & Screens

Platinum Level Shows

Everything included in the Gold production PLUS…

  • Front of Stage Truss System to suspend lighting and video projection – giving cleaner lines
  • Enhanced Intelligent Lighting
  • General Lighting – an important distinction
  • Enhanced Sound System (when needed)
What are the technical needs of Beat The Banker?
Gold Production Shows

Electrical: Our equipment can run off of regular household current. We ask that 4 outlets, on 20 amp circuits, be available for our exclusive use. Our lighting is all LED now, so power needs are minimal draw even on household current. Spreading the load over multiple circuits is just precautionary – we have literally run everything from one plug before – we just don’t feel comfortable doing so.

If these outlets are further than 30′ away from the performance area then extension cords should be provided.

General Stage Lighting: A general stage wash is needed for the show. The lighting we carry is for effect and general illumination should be provided by the venue. Our Platinum level shows include full stage lighting.

Sound: We carry our own sound equipment for Beat the Banker. Nothing needs to be provided.

Video: We carry our own video equipment for Beat the Banker. Nothing needs to be provided.

Load in/Load out assistance: We have a LOT of gear to load in. It’s all on wheels, so there’s no heavy lifting. We don’t require help, but we sure appreciate it when we get it and it puts our crew in a great mood for your show!

Platinum Level Shows

All of the above plus we strongly recommend a spider box or a direct power input as we will be drawing a lot of power. This is only for the platinum level shows as the lighting package is much more robust and intense.

How are people selected to play Beat the Banker?
Everyone at your event will have a chance to play during the game through our group challenges such as “Your Group Has Talent” and other ways to get everyone an equal chance to participate.

One of our most popular ways of selecting contestants is “Scavenger Hunt” style ala the old “Let’s Make a Deal” game show. We’ll ask for someone with the most school flair, or someone with a picture of their pet on their cell phone, etc. This helps us to get fun, enthusiastic people on stage to play. Think of it as a quick audition.

You can also do a drawing for the opportunity, or have people preselected – but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using our time proven ways. Just because someone has ticket number 2495 doesn’t mean they’ll be fun on stage. Our methods help us hedge our bets that we’ll have fun people on stage to put on a show!

Can we get all inclusive pricing?
Of course. We list our prices plus travel and lodging, but we will give you a firm price for travel, and if you prefer we can even include the cost of the hotel.

You’ll know exactly what your price is before we contract. No Surprises.

We’re all about being easy to work with.

Do you have insurance?
Of course. We are fully insured. We can add your event to our policy at no additional charge – so you’re covered too.

There is no cost for his as long as we have at least 2 weeks notice. Rushes may incur a $50 charge – so please check in advance if you need any special wording.

How much time does it take to set up/tear down?
Gold Production Shows

Take about 3-3 1/2 hours to set up and about 60-90 minutes to tear down and load out.

Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this.

Platinum Level Shows

Take about 4-4 1/2 hours to set up and about 75-100 minutes to tear down and load out.

Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this.

These set up times assume easy access to the rooms, a loading dock and NO STAIRS. If we will need extra time to load in please let us know in advance.

How long is a show?
Left to it’s own devices our shows last between 60-90 minutes with an average of 70 minutes.

It will largely depend on the audience and the people playing the game. Some players take less time than others.

Can we customize the game or game play?
We can easily work with a specific theme for your event – if you can provide us the trivia questions we can use our Fast Action Trivia style game to eliminate down to who opens cases. However, we don’t normally do trivia as a part of Beat the Banker. Only on special request and there is a slight additional fee for combining them.

We spent a lot of time working out all of the details of game play and have it worked out pretty well.

We are happy to work with you to figure out what will work best for your event if you have something special in mind

What size of performance area is needed?
Our shows are big. So we do need some room. Though we do have a bit of flexibility these are our ideal space needs:

A stage or platform that is 16′ deep x 24′ wide (preferably 28′ or wider)

If a stage is not available we can work on floor level – just add about 4 feet to these dimensions.

Near the stage/performance area should be a place for two 6 foot banquet tables (we’ll bring these) for our technician to set up.

This space should be indoors, or if outdoors this should be pre-approved by our staff and it should be a covered area. Outdoor shows are not recommended for daytime events as even our very bright projectors get washed out in full sunlight. Any outdoor show will result in an altered set and will need to be in a covered and fully protected area from wind and rain.

We also need 10 feet above the stage for our full set – though we can make the set shorter if we need to. Again… just let us know in advance so we are prepared.

State Fees/Taxes/Permits
Some states such as California, New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina and Missouri (just a few that we know of) have “Out of State Entertainer” taxes or state income taxes that we don’t have here in our home state of Texas.

In order to avoid raising our prices by up to 5% for everyone, our contracts will always contain this wording:

SPECIAL NOTE: The agreed upon fee is the amount that should be paid to Game Shows To Go AFTER ANY FEES, STATE TAXES (income, performer or otherwise), Special Licensing Fees required by your state or other municipality or organization. There is no way for us to keep up with all 50 states and thousands of states and cities. The amount of the check written to Game Shows to go, after deductions should be (amount quoted for show). If the gross needs to be adjusted please do so to ensure the proper payment amount. Thanks for your understanding.

This seems to be the best way to keep our prices low and only pass along these costs to the states/people who charge them. Our fees usually include travel/lodging/prizes/promotional materials and many other expenses and that are not income.

Ways we can work around this are:

  • Add the amount expected to be deducted for these fees/taxes to the amount your check is requested for.
  • Subtract the amount of fees/taxes from the prize money we give at the show (if we are providing prizes).
  • Add a clause that says expenses of “up to <the amount of taxes/fees> will be billed after the show” and we’ll bill you for that exact amount.


Are discounts available?
We fully participate in block bookings both through NACA and on our own. Check our calendar page to see when we’ll be coming near you to save.

We give HUGE discounts to schools who work with us to create routes. Using Coop buying really helps everyone to win.

You can also get discounts by scheduling more than one show during the school year.

Other than that, we have a published price list with competitive pricing that we stand by. We don’t give an inflated price just to give you a false discount. We quote a great market price and stick to it. We hope you’ll appreciate us being up front about this, it seems to be the most ethical way to do business.

Beat the Banker - FAQ's


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