Our Leadership Team

At To Go Events we refer to ourselves as family, and that’s the way we live. We treat each other as family and we treat our customers as family. We hope that you feel a part of the family as well.

CJ Johnson - FounderFounder

CJ Johnson

C.J. Johnson began entertaining while still a student at Texas A&M University. As a juggler, unicyclist and a magician. His magic show grew into one of the longest running touring magic shows in Texas (currently in it's 24st season). He is also an award winning comedy hypnotist who appears at colleges, casinos and corporate events. He started Game Shows To Go in 2003. That business has evolved into To Go Events today.

Gus Davis - PartnerPartner

Gus Davis

Gus started with Game Shows To Go straight out of college at the University of Texas in 2003. He was our very first hire and is now a partner in the business. If you've hosted a game show, it's likely that it's Gus that you've seen on the Microphone. He's also the writer of many of our custom themed shows and the refiner of ideas. You'll often find him representing us at conferences too. He's a great dad to an amazing young son, Bryce.

Kim Hofstetter - Co-founder of Fun Fotos To GoCo-founder of Fun Fotos To Go

Kim Hofstetter

Kim started working actively in the business with the founding Fun Fotos To Go in 2012 after CJ and Kim's youngest son graduated and joined the USMC. It started initially to keep Kim distracted while Nicholas was in boot camp, and it turned out that it's something that Kim is perfect for and that she loves. She's the smiling face you see at most of our Fun Fotos events and she also assists CJ in his touring magic shows

James Caldwell - Lead Tech - Stage ManagerLead Tech - Stage Manager

James Caldwell

James has been with the family since 2013. He brings extensive technical knowledge and problem solving skills to the company. Usually teamed with Gus at game shows you'll occasionally see him at Fun Foto events, working backstage at magic shows or literally anything that he's needed for. He's truly a team player and a valued part of the family. Since one day he'll be running tech for a game show and the next day he's setting up a race car track, he's fully embraced the idea that "It's a strange job". In fact, that's his twitter handle. James is also the creator (and sole practitioner) of the Half Face Selfie. He's been employee of the month too many times to count.

Reid Lunemann - Swiss Army KnifeSwiss Army Knife

Reid Lunemann

The newest member of the family, Reid started entertaining while attending North Dakota State University when he joined the comedy improv troupe. After graduating from NDSU he moved to Austin, where he kept pursuing improv. Through an improv friend he met C.J. and Gus, and joined the TGE family. Reid is both tech and host for game shows as well as an event manager for some of our Fun Fotos Events. He will be the Swiss Army Knife of the company, filling in everywhere he is needed. We like Swiss Army Knife better than multi purpose tool, because we don't like calling our family "tools".

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