Now you can get a cool phone wallet/card holder to stick on the back of your cell phone – and get it personalized with the photo of your choice or with a photo taken at your event! This makes for a lower cost, cell phone centered event than our regular cell phone cases.


This event uses our exclusive technology (or combination of technologies) which allows us to have guests text message or e-mail their images to us and we print their favorite image and put it on a permanent phone case. And we can do it FAST!

The great thing about cell wallets/card cases is that they’re economically priced and we can serve more people (especially if we’re taking photos instead of using pictures from guest phones), as we don’t have to figure out which case to use. These go FAST.

If you’re a corporate or school sponsor – we can also add your logo/event information onto each case for personalized branding.

Here’s a blog post about how we’ve served our corporate clients recently.

We can take a photo, put your branding/event info on it and hand guests a cell phone wallet all while they wait!

Or you can have them send us their favorite photo and we’ll put that onto a cell phone wallet/card holder.

NOTE: We have to do one or the other – we cannot mix favorite photo and photos taken at the event as they use different technologies.

  • An area of campus with a good cell phone signal
  • 3 – 6 or 8 foot tables
  • 110v power
  • 2 chairs (one on wheels if possible)
  • Trash can nearby
  • We can be most productive indoors, if outdoors we must be protected from wind and direct sunlight and under cover or a tent.
How many cases can we make an hour?

Typically we average about 50 an hour, which means 200-240 at an event.

Do you have a minimum time?

Our fee includes up to 4 hours. We make as many as we can during that time.

Can you stay longer than 4 hours?

Of course. Additional fees will apply, but we can stay as long as you’d like.

Do you give coop discounts?
For our college friends we are members of APCA and NACA and fully participate in coop booking. The good news is – you don’t have to use the same novelties to get block booking prices. Many of our novelties use the same basic equipment so if we’re in the same area and are using similar equipment then we’re up for coop!

NACA Logo apcalogo

How many people will you send to our event?

All events that use sublimation (the process of printing/pressing onto metal or plastics) include two people (unless otherwise noted during contracting). Occasionally we have to travel with just one person – but you’d always know that going into the event.

Can we order a single phone case?

We have now have a designer set up on our website. You can choose from backgrounds, artwork and text – and even upload your own photos and see exactly how they’ll look on your case before ordering. Many of our customizable novelties are available via the website now.

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