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Cuff Bracelets for College and School Events






Our Cuff Bracelets To Go are a fun and unique addition to your programming possibilities.

Available in three sizes (widths) and customized with hundreds of backgrounds to choose from and printed with ANY NAME or MESSAGE that students want.  As a bonus option, students can choose to keep the bracelet unbent and use it as a name plate, book mark or Mini Street Sign.

The mini street sign option, along with the variety of background patterns available, make this an event that appeals to guys and girls.

These cuff bracelets are metal and use a sublimation technique that permanently bonds the image to the metal for a long lasting memento of your event.

  • Three Tables
  • 2 – 110v/20amp outlets (regular electrical outlet)
  • 2 chairs
  • 10×10 space minimum 10×15 preferred.
Are you available nationwide?

Yes. Not all of our novelties can fly to an event, but Cuff Bracelets can! Plus – if you schedule early enough you may end up saving on travel as we have some cool frequent flier benefits stored up that you can use to save money!

Are you insured

Of course. And you can be added as an additional insured at no extra cost – as long as we know 2 weeks in advance. There is a small charge for rush jobs.

Can we customize?

Of course. If you have a school logo or pattern that you want to include (or that you want to use exclusively), we are happy to do that.

Can we use photos for this event?

We can do photos OR patterns and names, but not both at the same event as they use different technologies and processes to create.

How many can we expect per hour and how long do you stay?
  • We book in 4 hour block minimums. Discounts are available for longer times.
  • We can make about 50-60 per hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on a number of factors.
Do you participate in block booking?

Yes. As members of NACA and APCA we fully participate in block booking. And… the schools you block book with don’t even have to choose the same novelty, just the same family of novelty. For instance, Street Signs, cuff bracelets, cell phone cases and license plates all use the same basic equipment – so you can block with any of those. Mugs and green screen photos use different equipment, so those have to block book together. Our agent will explain if you have questions.

Can we use Greek Letters and Monograms?

Yes. We’re ready with Greek Lettering, Monograms and several font choices.

What they're saying about Cuff Bracelets

CJ & Kim were awesome!!!  super smooth event and everyone was happy. I really like the cuff bracelets. Truly the evert went well. I am very happy!
Amanda RoseSan Jacinto College Central