The Comedy Magic & Illusion Show for Texas Family Audiences

The floating girl

To Go Events founder C.J. Johnson started in show business as a magician (OK, way back in college he was a really bad magic clown if we’re going to be honest here) and still tours Texas with one of the longest-running (Since 1994) touring magic circuits in the state, if not THE LONGEST. Of course, who knows? What we do know is that CJ is INVITED BACK year after year to perform in theaters, many of them for over 20 years now and most over 15 years! You don’t get that kind of repeat bookings by having a show that isn’t just plain awesome.

The show now often features Kim as an on-stage and off-stage assistant with her special style of charm, wit, and personality.

C.J. was a regular at the now-closed Magic Island in Houston for several years and always got great reviews when performing there.

His “sweet spot” is performing for family audiences. Not just kids, not just adults, but families together to have a good time. 90% of the magic shows that CJ does are in theaters for this type of audience.

These videos are a bit old – CJ doesn’t look like this anymore – his hair is shorter and he’s bearded, but they’ll give you an idea of what some of his magic looks like.

Interested in a magic show? Find out more about CJ at his personal website which is