Case Study - San Antonio Water System

Case Study - San Antonio Water System


Game Shows To Go was consulted to help the San Antonio Water System create a fun way to encourage learning at their annual Confluence event, an event held for High School Student Leaders from around San Antonio.


  • Fully engage attendees
  • Encourage attendees to learn at the other stations at the event
  • Reinforce educational objectives of the event
  • Record polls of attendees at event to test awareness of clients key objectives
  • Send attendees back to their respective campuses with a positive impression of the event


Game Shows To Go worked with Representatives from SAWS to create a cell phone centric game show that would fully engage their attendees. We did this through:

  • Integration of the students cell phones into the game show format
  • Prize incentives to encourage learning & participation
  • Creating ways to engage high school students and encourage learning
  • Research of questions and deep knowledge (through research) of the topics by our staff
  • Assistance in writing questions for the show
  • Construction of a visually appealing game show set
  • Creation of custom polls which attendees participated in through texting
  • Full production of game show including sound, lighting & software
  • Skilled Game Show host, technician and on site producer
  • Custom signage and branding with logo integration throughout show


Game Shows To Go created a customized version of “Brain Cell” designed to hit attendees right where they live – on their mobile phones. Instead of fighting for their attention we engaged them through their phones and made them participants in the event through the use of text messaging.

Prior to the event, Game Shows To Go worked with representatives from San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to clearly outline their objectives for the Game Show part of their event.

Game Shows To Go assisted SAWS in writing customized questions that were challenging, yet achievable and contributed dozens of on topic questions from our database to keep the show fun and entertaining. Many questions were designed to allow the host to briefly elaborate on educational topics of the event.

At the event our host and crew encouraged the attendees to visit the stations and learn as much as possible in an effort to help them win prizes.

During the show audience participation was encouraged through cell phones in the way of polls, fastest fingers challenges and moderated on screen chat.

Questions, polls, graphics and custom comedy bits were all used to further the educational goals of the event.

Cell phone polls were taken as a part of the game show such as:

  • I turn off the water when I brush my teeth.
    1. Never
    2. b) Sometimes
    3. c) Always
    4. c) I don’t brush my teeth

Results of the poll were used as a part of the game show, and were saved and shared with SAWS after the event to gain insight into the behavior of the attendees.

The results were also used to make the important points of water management in the course of the game show.

Further use of the cell phone technology was a “fastest fingers” round where attendees typed in a phrase such as “Water: Once it’s gone, what then?” and sent it in as quickly as they could. The first to type and send were rewarded by coming on stage. All students were tactilely entering a phrase the client wanted them to remember onto their most personal possession.

Client Comments

“The response was amazing and when I found out that we could customize the show to fit our venue I was sold. … When you set up I was over the top and the kids response today was amazing. They were learning, they were engaged and it was an awesome sight. We can’t thank you enough.”

Lynne Christopher – Secondary Education Coordinator
San Antonio Water System