Case Study - Healthcare Management Systems

Case Study - Healthcare Mangement Systems



Game Shows To Go was brought in to Nashville, TN to help Healthcare Management Systems (HMS) create a customized, content heavy game show to engage, entertain and inform the attendees at their 2012 National Users Conference.


  • Inform and remind attendees about changes to laws, policies and procedures related to their specific industry and software
  • Break up the monotony of days of PowerPoint presentations while at the same time delivering meaningful content
  • Kick off the day with high energy
  • Test the knowledge of the contestants and the audience about the training they’ve received.
  • Keep the entire group of 600+ involved and engaged during the presentation
  • Perform a fast turn-around of the staging and technical needs for a speaker to use the same space 60 minutes after the game show was over


Game Shows To Go worked closely with HMS and the event producers to develop a trivia game show themed to their event which included:

  • Custom game show name and logo
  • Custom signage
  • Logo and name integration throughout the game play
  • Custom questions including graphic overlays for the audience to see
  • Professional Host for the show
  • Professional Voice Over performer for introductions and added information
  • Customized set to meet the quick turn-around of the venue for additional meetings
  • Assistance in writing questions that would translate well to the game show format
  • Assistance in writing “added information” for the Voice Over Announcer to relate information relative to many of the questions
  • Text to Screen voting and polling to engage and involve audience during the show


Weeks before the event representatives from Game Shows To Go held phone meetings and provided guidelines on how to write industry specific questions that would enable their guests to be winners and worked to craft “added value” announcements for the Voice Over Performer to add to correct and incorrect answers.

Example: Host asks question “Stage 1 required implementation of a single clinical decision support rule- How many clinical decision support rules need to be implemented for stage 2?”

Correct Answer: 5 Clinical Decision Interventions

Voice Over Performer: That’s right… the terminology has been changed from rule to intervention to expand the clinical decision interventions beyond pop up alerts. Interventions should be related to 4 or more clinical quality measures .

Screen Shot on screen then shows text “5 CD’s” over a moving background.

This formula of asking a question, then reinforcing or adding information allowed Game Shows To Go and HMS to use the game show format as a teaching and instructional tool in a fun way that had people paying attention because they were also being entertained.

In addition to the traditional “Trivia Time” style buzz in and answer game show, all attendees were asked to reply to questions asked during the game and their answers were tallied and used as a part of the game show – further engaging and involving the entire audience.

The results of the event were overwhelmingly positive and all objectives were met and exceeded.

Client Comments:

“We used Game Shows To Go as a general session for our users conference in 2012 and have experienced phenomenal results. Our attendees were really engaged with the program, everyone was laughing and having a great time. And we actually kept the room full for an entire hour and 20 minutes. We delivered great content through the game show module and I think it was a great success. This was in the morning, first thing, 8:30 a.m. right after breakfast. We were really excited that there were some ice breaker questions so we were still able to deliver content but we were able to get folks warmed up to the idea of a full day of education by providing a fun medium for them to experience the starting of the day. On a scale of one to ten? I’d give them a 12”.

Angela Layton
Meeting Planner for HMS

More Comments and Reviews of event by producer and attendees:

Via Twitter – “@djna09 – The General Session on MU Stage 2 was AMAZING!!! That’s how presentation should be. #Evolutionary2012”

The event producer said:  “CJ – a big “thank you” to you and your team for a great performance for HMS! The client was extremely happy with the MU2 PDQ game show format and received a great deal of positive feedback from their customers and attendees. Please be sure to thank Gus and Emma – you have a great team!”