Black History Month Special Edition!

black history month game show

Our Black History version of Survey Says is a celebration of African American Culture that students, staff and programmers all rave about.

The Month of February is designated as Black History Month
and we’ve created a custom edition of Survey Says to celebrate!

A few years ago one of our regular game show college clients asked us if we could create a custom show for them for Black History Month. Our answer was YES WE CAN.

Now it’s available to everyone and WOW is it a great show!

Our former host, Gus Davis and Bettina Johnson (an African American Studies graduate from the University of Texas in Austin) were up to the task, and they knocked it outta the park!

The goal… to create a show that was a celebration of African American Culture… without getting preachy or too dry. And that’s exactly the goal that was accomplished.

Using the format of our most popular show “Survey Says” they created survey questions that would celebrate and explore the rich African American heritage and contributions to our country and at the same time open discussion about the contributions made to America by African Americans.

Survey Questions are similar to these (though they vary from show to show, year to year):

  • – Name an influential African American woman.
  • – Other than Barack Obama, name an African American politician.
  • – Name a civil rights protest method.

and many, many more.

Please consider making this special Black History Month edition of Survey Says, a part of your Black History Month college programming.

With only 28 days in the month of February, and an annual convention that most colleges attend being in February, dates fill up quickly and every year we get calls for show dates that are already booked. Avoid that disappointment and Call TODAY or fill out a form for full pricing and availability and to get your date on the calendar today.





Texas Woman's University has a great time with Black History Month Game Show

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