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Big Red Chair Laredo CC

Be a kid again! Get swallowed up by our BIG RED CHAIR.

Pose alone or in a group, either way, it’s ridiculously fun to plop down in a giant chair.

No need for our photographer to say “Smile” because you will be smiling automatically once you take a seat.


Big Red Chair 2

  • 2 x 110v power supply
  • Indoors is best as the globe is not designed for windy conditions
  • 10′ minimum ceiling height
  • space is 25′ from the camera to the back of the Big Red Chair and at least 15′ wide
  • How many people an hour can you take pictures of.
    • It depends on how many get in as a group. Typically we print about 75 prints an hour with the Big Red Chair Photos.
  • Can we do our event outdoors?
    • This event can be done indoors our outdoors. A small additional fee may apply for outdoor events.  If outdoors the photographer and his/her equipment must be under a tent or covered area.
  • Can we jump on it?
    • No.
  • How many people fit?
    • Groups of 3-4 fit easily and we’ve had as many as 12.
  • Can we customize the prints?
    • Of course. You can add a logo, event info, borders – anything you want, or let us design something for you.
  • Photographer
  • Big Red Chair Inflatable
  • Customization of prints
  • And of course all of the technical needs to take and print lab quality photo prints.