Valentine’s Day Game Show!

Valentine's Day Game Show presented by Host in Gold Jacket

Presenting a Valentine’s Day Game Show!

You can make your Valentine’s Day or Love Week pop with a fun game show that’s all about love and Valentine’s Day. We’ve created a custom version of our popular show “Game Show Medley” and made many of the games all about the Valentine’s Day holiday. But don’t think it’s all “touchy-feely” – there’s plenty for the student who’s going solo for this particular day too!

A quick synopsis of Game Show Medley is that the show is a collection of mini games, each lasting from 5-10 minutes and all vastly different from one another. There is, of course, trivia, and there is also survey based games, team games, audience polling, puzzle solving and a whole lot more. You will not bored of the same ol’ thing during this show. Game Show Medley moves at a fast and furious pace and keeps everyone engaged and having a blast.

Hosted by award-winning entertainer C.J. Johnson has over 30 years in the entertainment business and over 20 years hosting and producing the very best game shows in the business. Game Shows To Go guarantees you will have an amazing time and to be dealt with professionally every step of the way.

Game Show features:

  • Custom Valentine’s Day and Love Trivia
  • Relationship and Love based “Majority Rules” challenges
  • Custom Suvey Says Surveys about relationships with a twist
  • Humor & Audience Participation
  • 100% Audience Participation for many parts of the show
  • $300 Prize Package Included
  • Lots of Surprises and Plot Twists to keep everyone having fun
  • Special Music Soundtrack for the Holiday and Special PreShow Music

If you’re interested – we also have a special version of “Survey Says” with a love and Valentine’s Day theme too!

Limited dates are available for this “Valentine’s Special Game Show”.  Get your date on the calendar now for this exciting and fun specially-themed game show. Visit our CONTACT PAGE to request full information and check availability. This show is available nationwide.

You can also book this show through Everything But the Mime – our awesome college agents.