trivia stream LIVE a socially responsible in-person game show

Trivia Stream Live a socially responsible in person game show event

Our Socially Responsible In-Person Game Show for 2020

Our exclusive live in-person game show event for a safe Fall 2020

Trivia Stream Live is a fun and interactive Game Show that keeps to the highest standards of safety for your audience.

Designed from the ground up to meet campus/national guidelines for social safety.

As we go into the Fall of 2020 we face a lot of uncertainty as entertainers and event organizers. Therefore, we are planning on staying healthy ourselves and keeping your community safe, while still providing you with an exceptionally fun live event.


Our “Trivia Stream Virtual Game Show” has been a huge hit both at the end of last spring semester and through the summer and fall with over 225 shows performed so far (and growing daily)! In fact, it is the number 1 virtual program in the college market! We will continue to have Gus Davis host that virtual show while offering a LIVE IN-PERSON version of the show hosted by C.J. Johnson on a limited basis (see below for limitations).

We’re taking the successful formula of everyone getting to answer and play, while being encouraged by a live game show host and winning prizes, and made it into a live event where everyone gets to play!

It’s the fun of Fast Action Trivia, with the responsibility of Trivia Stream. Hosted by veteran game show host with years of experience!

We’ve been planning a “whole audience plays” style game for quite a while. So this time of social distancing is the perfect time to bring that long-planned show to the market to provide you with a socially responsible program that checks all the boxes of safety, entertainment and quality programming.

Most of all, it’s really fun and engaging!

About the gameplay

  • Each show lasts for about 60-75 minutes
  • Every guest (up to 50 max to maintain social distancing guidelines) gets a sanitized Audience Response Module that allows them to buzz in and cast their correct answer from their seats
  • No cell phone or wifi is needed for the show, it is 100% self-contained!
  • Our hosts add humor and fun to every question and offer additional info about many of them
  • 5 Rounds are played and winners are awarded prizes each round so there are lots of chances to win!
  • Rounds include a wide variety of general trivia. Including just about every topic from Atari to Zodiac and everything in between
  • Gameplay includes video, music, sound effects, and great production value

How we’re being responsible. For YOU and for US.

We want to stay safe, and we want to keep your students safe while being able to have live, in-person events again.

So we’re taking the following steps to make sure we’re being as safe as we can be, and so you know WHO is coming to your campus and the safety precautions they’re taking.


  • We’ll follow ALL of your recommended campus safety guidelines to the best of our ability. Period.
  • Participation happens in the audience, not on the stage. One of the big reasons we decided to offer only Trivia Stream Live for Fall 2020 is because of the host and contestants sharing microphones. We could not conceive of a way to microphones which felt responsible
  • Full sanitation of Audience Response devices before and after every show to CDC recommended standards
  • Touch-free registration of controller and distribution of prizes (either through PayPal, Venmo or Amazon Gift Codes)

How does Trivia Stream LIVE game show work?

When guests arrive they will pick up a sanitized Audience Response System device (ARS) and take a seat. This device will have a code on the back of it and guests will register their ARS device from their phones so we know their name and e-mail for winnings (and you’ll know who came to your event as a bonus). This will also put their name on the screen during gameplay so we can see who’s winning.

A variety of questions and challenges will be asked from the stage, with a corresponding video image of the question and four choices to answer. Contestants choose the answer they think is correct and our computers tabulate the results and display them on the screen. We keep the game moving fast and fun.

We’ll play 5 rounds of questions and winners will be awarded prizes for each round, giving LOTS of chances to win!

BETWEEN SHOWS/OFF STAGE – this is where we’re being safe – above and beyond

  • We are not flying anywhere in 2020. That’s it, we’ve decided that airports are a place we don’t want to be and we don’t think you want someone on campus who’s been in 20 airports in a week (like we used to do). So for the remainder of 2020 we will be driving to events only. This means we will be doing shows in a much more limited area that will be primarily limited to Texas and the surrounding states only. Exceptions will be made for a block of 3 or more dates in the same area (within 5/6 hours of each other).
  • We are staying in hotels. What? How is that possible? The host of Trivia Stream Live, CJ Johnson, and his wife Kim travel in a Motorhome, complete with kitchen. We’ll only be taking events where we can travel in the RV, where we will eat and sleep, keeping us out of as many crowded places as possible. We will eat at restaurants as little as is conceivably possible.
  • We are taking this Pandemic very seriously. The virus is very real to us. We only want to do events where we feel that we’ll be safe and that your guests will also be safe. So we’re going to be selective about small spaces, overcrowding and more. Why? Because we care

While we recognize this means there are some shows we won’t be able to take, and hence we’ll lose some income opportunities, we feel your health, the health of your students, and our health is worth it. We look forward to working with you. Safely.

Here's what clients are saying about Trivia Stream

"Game Shows To Go were wonderful to work with to plan two virtual trivia nights! These events are well done, fun and have received great feedback from students - after the first one there were many requests for another trivia night. I expect that we will plan additional events with them in the future!"
Bethany TullerUMASS Boston
"The students on my campus have been raving about how much fun the trivia nights have been! The game was so much more interactive and engaging than I expected! It was great having both the traditional trivia game as well as chat challenges so there were more opportunities to engage and win. The team at To Go Events was professional, easy to work with, and well organized."
It was amazing!! We held this event during COVID-19, and it was by large, the most attended event. The game host was AWESOME and engaged, the chat room personnel was quick and responsive, and the students kept reiterating how great this event was. We will definitely look at bringing them back! If you are considering an event to host, stop here!!!
Shannon EdmondTrinity University
"The Trivia stream was an absolute hit among our students. It performed beyond our expectations because of the interaction with the host and the special messages in between rounds. Thank you and your team so much for putting this on during a time of virtual programming!"
Trying all the ways I can to engage our students. I think this one has been the most fun. I saw To Go Events post this virtual game show over a month ago and knew we had to do it for our students. It was a way to bring students together to connect and have some fun. Prizes were won. New friendships formed. Fun was had. Thankful for CJ, Kim and Gus...I’ve known them for years and trust what they do. They fully understand the importance of connecting with students while having fun. Thank you for thinking outside the box and putting on a show. #tcctrinityriver and the TCC Trailblazers had a blast.
Our students absolutely loved this trivia night! If you've ever played HQ, it's very similar to that; super interactive and engaging. We are constantly receiving requests on when we'll be having the next trivia night! Thank you Game Shows To Go! Very thankful to have found this virtual offering during this tough time!
Colleen WilsonFairfield University
Wow - this trivia team DELIVERS!! They went above and beyond my expectations, and whenever they host a trivia night the students and myself get so motivated and re-energized. Learning some new facts, virtually re-connecting with our friends in the chatbox, and the chance to win a little extra some (the prize) is the cherry on top. Host Gus - is FREAKIN' AMAZING - giving shout outs and announcing any upcoming events; plus, he stays connected with the chat group too and interacts with you from there too! Then there are a couple of folks within the chat, and they help the chatbox be fun and exciting by offering a chance to win there as well. Seems like a lot going on, NO WAY!, especially after being socially isolated for a bit, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.
"To Go Events is so easy to work with, they are very responsive and accommodating. They were even willing to adjust the length of their show for us so it would fit more nicely into our schedule. I didn't have to do anything but participate in the show after Gus got started, and the trivia stream was so fun, we even brought them back for a second show two weeks after the first one. Not only this but the host, Gus, is incredibly professional and makes the whole experience fun for everyone!"
"The Trivia Stream was great. The students were so appreciative of Gus and the whole To Go Events gang. We could probably do this event again even when we are not on a stay at home order. Thank you again for all you do for us and our students. The whole process was so simple and fast. There were questions that everyone could answer. It was a great time!!"
It was a great show, thank you! The students are (were) still raving about it after the event was over. It was a great experience for them. On a personal note, it was the first time we were really able to get our students to come together and engage online, especially with grad and undergraduate students.
Jasmine Raghaunandan Fairfield University
We were quite pleased with Trivia Stream! I hope to use them again very soon. Here are some of the things we experienced: Hosted, professional game show. It looks and feels professional and makes it seem important and not something that was thrown together. Chat Rooms-We were not expecting a chat room conversation, but there was much dialogue happening in the chat room. This engaged people even if they weren’t actively playing. Engagement-We kept 95% of the students engaged in the process for over 70 minutes. One student shared that while they hated being isolated, this made them feel connected. Educational. One round of questions was about Coronavirus with answers taken from CDC website. More than once, the host reiterated the importance of staying connected and sharing how much the University cared about them. Prizes (the prizes are sent virtually from To Go Events). They play for Amazon gift cards which we felt would help some of our students who maybe were struggling a bit due to lost work, etc. Personalized. They will make it look very much like your school with logos. They have loaded in some special video messages from people around the country. Everyone at To Go Events understands the importance of community building. They did a fantastic job with this. This is a very high-quality event. They make it look easy, but they are making it work with four people, isolated in four different cities and two states. This was our experience. We determined it to be worth the investment.
Kudos to The ToGo Events Family for hosting and amazing game show night! The host was delightful and entertaining. It had the right amount of everything to make it an incredible experience. Looking forward to doing future events with the ToGo Events team.
Pearl SmithHealthfirst
How long is a show?
The show will last about 60-75 minutes.

Though we can customize the time to meet your needs.

How many people play?
Everyone plays! That’s the whole point.

Up to 100 players can play at once. More can play if it is deemed OK for that many to gather. Pricing is based on 100 max. Additional fee will apply to more than 100 players.

Can you customize questions?
Of course. Because this show is specifically for your group, we can include questions just for your audience.

If they’re not just “themed” questions, but instead questions about your company or school, we will work with you to help you write questions for your specific audience.

Because we have to reprogram our system for this show there is a small additional cost to include questions that you’ve written. However, if we have to research and write questions for one time events there may be a bit more of an additional cost.

What kind of tech needs do you have?
To maintain as much social distancing as possible we’re keeping the tech for this show simple.

  • PA System that is adequate to your venue (not a ceiling PA, but a stand-alone sound system that a band could play through).
  • A video projector and screen.
  • 1 banquet size table for guests to pick up their Audience Response System.

For a small additional fee we can provide the sound and video as well.

Does this show include prizes?
Yes, a prize package is included in most shows. The amount will vary based on your specific needs and budget.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes. If you schedule more than one trivia night you can get a discount.

Schedule a  Trivia Stream streaming game show now and a live, in-person game show in the fall and receive a discount.

Talk to our sales rep to see how we can fully benefit you.

You can also get discounts by participating in coop buying and scheduling your show while we’re already in the area with other shows.

What's this going to cost us?
We do have a set price for the show, however, we don’t post it publicly. Fill out a form or call CJ at 512-431-9579 for details on pricing and options. Or colleges call Brett Hornsby at (737) 218-0017.

Who the heck are you guys and what's your experience?
Since 2003 Game Shows To Go has been the leader in college game shows. Raising production levels and quality to new highs, while keeping costs very competitive.

We’re using the experience of literally thousands of live shows to create a show that engages online participants and keeps them engaged for the entire show. Right up until the end.

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