Trade Show Traffic the envy of other exhibitors!

Custom Cell Phone cases for Grace Hopper Celebration trade show

Signage at the Prudential event at Grace Hopper Celebration

To Go Events had the privilege of representing corporate clients at trade shows and major public events last week in Houston (Grace Hopper Celebration) and New York City (Circle of Sisters). Next week we’re representing another client in Las Vegas at the National Association of Convenience Stores conference.

MajorWorld Custom License Plates for trade show made their giveaway into a $500 coupon!

Our clients had long lines of people to get personalized novelties (phone cases at Grace Hopper, License Plates at COS). These lines gave the clients staff time to engage people, learn about their needs and created a lot of buzz on the events social media saying things like “You’ve got to go by the Prudential Booth!!!”

At events like this we can make about 1 novelty per minute, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the novelty, and with additional staff we can double, triple etc. our productivity. One thing is for certain – we bust our tails at every event to serve our clients, and our clients noticed it.

Before the event we worked with the booth staff to make clear our power and space needs, to clearly define their goals for the event and worked to help them accomplish their goals.

The results? We were told by many that we were the most popular event at each show – and we were going up against giants like Google, Facebook and more. Why?

trade show license plate custom novelties

Beautiful, commissioned artwork, made the license plates at the Circle of Sisters Event extra special.

Everytime this couple looks at their phone case they’ll also remember Prudential. We put their favorite photo onto a phone case and unobtrusively branded it with the Prudential logo.remember where they had that experience.

Because we live in a generation where personalization is important. Where people live with their faces in their phones and work to create an online image of “doing something cool”. We provide that something cool – then brand it with a clients logo so they remember where they had that experience.

At a trade show if you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on your booth, but not doing something unique and interesting at that booth to STOP people in their tracks, then you’re throwing money away. Our attractions can multiply the value of your trade show exhibit space!

Because of this, we delivered for our clients in a way blew away their expectations.

We’d love to do that for you too. Let’s start that process now by filling out the contact form. We probably can’t send you a price without talking first, as we must take into consideration where your event is, the rules/times of the event, the attendance, your goals etc., so that we can make certain that we’re giving you the maximum value.

Here’s what PRUDENTIAL had to say about having our phone cases at their booth.

Here are a few more pictures from this weeks events.