Tips & Hints for your Grad Night Novelties

Limited Novelties at your Grad Night Party? Make them PRIZES!

If you’re hosting a grad night party for more than 250 kids and have brought in one crew of our novelties to make street signs, license plates, dry erase boards, photo mugs etc – you should know that we can make about one item per minute – so plan accordingly. You can either schedule more than one crew to double our output, or you can create contests where the customized novelty is the prize. You’ll probably also want to make sure that grads get one per person, so you can deliver to as many of your graduates as possible.

Here are some examples:

  • A Punch Card. Students visit several attractions, get a “punch” and when it’s full they get to create their own custom novelty. For this, you want to start the punches an hour or two before the novelty is scheduled to start, to give kids a chance to participate, and to make sure our crew isn’t sitting idle because no one has had a chance to get their punches.
  • Carnival Games. Create, or use ours, carnival games where winners get a custom novelty. We recommend one per student, though they can keep playing the games for lesser prizes, or to help their friends. This event is all about helping these kids stay connected and celebrating.
  • Mini Golf. Have a contest for anyone who shoots a round at 2 above par or less or have one hole designated as the “hole in one” contest. Winners get a coupon for a novelty.
  • Random Drawings. If you have 1000 students and limited number of any novelty – drawing names/numbers works great. TIP ON DRAWINGS: they are boring, except for the BIG prizes and for the ones who win. We suggest writing their names on a board and letting them check in once in a while.

These suggestions will BOTH limit the number in a way other than making kids stand in line all night and will encourage participation in other events.

One other option is to plan on each student getting a novelty. If it’s one without a photo, they can fill out what they want their sign/license plate to say, along with the options and drop it off at registration. We’ll be on site making them and putting their novelties in their prize bags for pick up at the end of the night. It’s a high value prize that everyone can get, and best of all, it’ll help them remember your event for as long as they have their item.

Most of all – remember to have fun, this is your last night with your kids in their high school experience. Make it great. We’d love to help.

Note: Grad Night Events are limited to Texas and have limited availability. CJ Johnson’s Comedy Hypnosis Show can be presented anywhere in the country.