Summer Orientations set expectations and habits for school year!

Starting College

Summer Orientations at your College or University are your first chance to make incoming students a valued part of your college community. This is where student retention and, let’s be honest, brand loyalty begins. Astin’s Theory of Involvement is basically “A happy student is a retained student”. Providing students with fun entertainment or a novelty event gets them prepared for being involved once the school year starts. Doing business with a company that understands this is imperative. HINT: We understand. 🙂

Your summer Orientation sessions can set the tone for a behavior of involvement once the academic year begins and being school spirit and loyalty – hence retaining students as loyal students/fans are more likely to continue their education at your school.

The cost to your University to attract each new accepted student is huge, and there are things you can do to help make sure that those students make it farther into your college experience. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Personalized/branded novelties. Sure, a college T-shirt given to students is nice, but it’s nowhere nearly as personal a them taking a photograph and having that photo, with your school logo made into a mug, keychain, button, magnet, dry erase board or even a simple photograph. We can even do photos of them on a T-shirt with a school logo! In hypnosis (I’m a hypnotist) this is called “anchoring”. Making it psychologically permanent that they are a part of your college’s culture. The cost can be very affordable.
  2. Team Game Shows. Texas Woman’s University, UTSA, Columbus State University have all used fun game shows as a part of their Summer Orientations for several years. It creates a fun competition, gives orientation goers a reason to bond and gives students a great look at what campus entertainment is like once the school year begins. Our hosts make sure, at every show, to explain to incoming students that fun events like this happen on campus to help make their college life fun and exciting beyond the classroom.
  3. Hypnosis Show. Comedy Hypnosis shows are an Orientation classic match. There’s a reason… it’s a hilarious show that give everyone something to talk about instantly. Everyone immediately has a unique show, that was all about THEM, in common with one another. It helps to create bonds that last beyond the summer Orientation and last into the school year. It’s important to choose a hypnotist that will represent you college well with a CLEAN and SAFE show and with a tip of the hat to participating in Student Activities once they’re on campus in the fall.
  4. Mini Golf, Carnival Games and other attractions. Giving incoming students an informal way to interact through games, mini golf and other attractions let them know that something special is happening for them, while at the same time giving everyone a chance to relax a bit and participate at their own pace.

Student involvement is crucial to the success of both your incoming students, and to your college, as retained students all pay tuition and fees (including activity fees) the whole time they’re in school.

Start your students off the right way – get them involved – and let To Go Events help you with that involvement.