CJ and Kim at Snowball 2015Snowball Express is our favorite charity event of the year.

We’ve been a part of it and looked forward to it since 2012 when our dear friend David Hira asked us to be a part of it by bringing our Human Snow Globe to the event to take pictures in.

Pictures taken at this years event are now on the Fun Fotos To Go Facebook page.

Snowball Express is the most amazing event. It’s dedicated to serving the children of our fallen military. So every child in attendance has lost a parent while serving in active duty military or as a first responder. The purpose to to let kids (and their surviving parent) know that they’re not alone. And to give them an amazing holiday experience with others who are in the same situation.

American Airlines donates 25 or more plane loads of seats to bring, at no charge, theKimLovesCJ_17149 @ 18-29-14se families from around the world to Dallas, TX for a four day event.

Gary Sinese and the Lt. Dan Band are crowd favorites each year. He does so much to support our military and their families. Truly an amazing man.

The Patriot Guard Riders provide an escort of 50+ motorcycles leading a parade of buses each time the group leaves the host hotel. This year they went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and to Medieval Times. It’s an amazing sight to see.

Here are some highlights from last year.

If you feel it in your heart, please consider a donation to Snowball Express, or if you’re in the DFW area next year, come out to the “Walk of Gratitude” and show your support in person. In the Walk of Gratitude each child writes a message on a balloon and then they all (2000 of them) release them to send their messages to heaven for their lost love ones. It’s an amazing and beautiful sight to see and extremely emotional for everyone. At the 2014 event many of the balloons got caught in trees and the Fort Worth Fire Department lovingly went through and retrieved the stuck balloons and set them free. It was a gesture that made us cry.

To Go Events historical fact: our Mini Golf To Go made its debut at Snowball Express – getting it onsite three years ago was what pushed us to get the course built and finished. That same year Game Shows To Go had shows in the Teen Scene each night.

“We give them our best, because they gave us their best.” – David Hira