June 12, 2023

New for Fall 2023!

Majority Rules is a fun game show where everyone plays on their phone.

This is NOT a trivia game. A question is asked and players vote on their phone for what they think will be the most popular answer. The faster they vote, the more points they get. If you vote for the most popular answer you get points based on how quickly you locked in your vote. If not, you don’t get any points. In the “Battle Royale” phase if you don’t vote with the majority you’ll lose all of your points and have to fight your way back onto the leaderboard!

Music, comedy and a lot of surprises are built into the show to make it an amazing and fun time.

For more details, videos and more explanation of the game, visit the Majority Rules full page.

Majority Rules can be played as a virtual game as well!

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