May 4, 2019

Available ONLY when we’re set up for Game Shows!

Want to keep the party going before and after your game show? We can provide you with music for atmosphere, or for dancing and we can provide you with a fun-filled Karaoke party too where guests will use the same quality sound system and video support that we use for our Game Shows.

Choose from thousands of songs – and if we don’t have it, we can often get it from one of our providers while on site (internet connection required).

No sense in hiring two or three different vendors and paying them all to provide similar services. We can wrap it all into one nice package for you. Plus 9/10 times when we get to an event where there is a DJ we have much better sound equipment than what they’re using. So you save money and get a premium service.

Please let your sales rep know if this is something you’re interested in when requesting a quote.

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