Classic Fresh Hot Popcorn Machine

Fresh Hot Popcorn

Popcorn Machine for events

To Go Events now offers an event classic – a Fresh Hot Popcorn Machine.

Complete with wagon style base (or available for a table top) our stylish popcorn popper adds decor and a tasty snack for your guests.

Available as a rental where you provide the attendant or in full service mode where we provide a costumed/uniformed attendant to keep the popper full and serve your guests – either way, it’s a great looking prop that makes a great tasting snack.

A perfect add on to any event:

How much space do you need?
If using our wagon base, a 5′ x 5′ area should suffice.

If using without the wagon base, we’ll need a 4′-6′ banquet table, and about 2-4 feet of room behind the table.

Do we have pricing options or discounts?
We have a variety of ways we can quote your Popcorn Machine.

  • Full Service
  • Self Service
  • With Popcorn Cart
  • Without Popcorn Cart
  • Add on to another event from To Go Events (my require self service – depending on the other events)

Please let us know what you need and we’ll quote the event accordingly.

How much popcorn can this make?
A Lot! Our machine boasts an 8 oz. Kettle with a Heated & Lighted Cabinet.

We can serve from 150-200 servings per hour if operating at full speed. Each serving is about 2 1/2 cups.

Do you charge by the serving or the hour?
A combination of both.

We charge for “up to” 4 hours or “X” number of servings in that time. That way we can properly prepare to bring the right amount of supplies.

How much power is needed?
Simply put – a single, 20 amp power plug – like most wall outlets is all that’s needed.

For the people who need to know everything (building managers etc.) it’s 120 volts, 1350 Watts with a 71″ cord, NEMA Type: 5-15P. Outlet must be grounded.

How difficult is it to run?
It’s super simple.

Three switches and you’ll only need to ever press two of them.

Supplies come prepackaged. Simply preheat the kettle (7-10 minutes at the beginning of the day), cut open the ingredients packet and put the seasoning, oil, and popping corn into the kettle. Press the “stir” button. When the corn is done popping, tilt the kettle to pour out what hasn’t already popped out and serve into bags, boxes or cups. Repeat.

Can we use it without the cart?
Of course. The cart is an option that adds to the decor of your event, but it is not necessary for the functionality of the machine.
Are bags provided?
Of course.

We include 1 oz bags (3-1/2″ w. x 2″ d. x 8″ h.). See Photo Below.

For an additional cost we can provide boxes or cones instead.

Some customers provide drinking cups with event logos/ads for us to put the popcorn into. We are happy to do this for you as well.

popcorn bags

Bag design may vary

Can we pick up the Popcorn Machine?
No. We are not a “rental company” that has pick ups/drop offs.

We only provide top of the line, full service to our college, school and corporate clients.

This service includes delivery and setup, training (if needed), cleaning and pick up/return.

Our Popcorn Machine needs a small space of about 5 x 5 to operate.

We’ll need to be within 25′ of a standard electrical outlet. If this isn’t possible a heavy duty extension cord should be provided.

If hiring the machine with an attendant then nothing else is needed.

If hiring without an attendant, one person should be available to learn how to make a batch of corn at the beginning of the event. If To Go Events is providing other novelties at your event and you’re providing an attendant, the attendant should be available 30 minutes before the event starts to learn the basics. This usually takes about 5 minutes.

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