To Go Events Plan for 2020

We have a plan for Fall 2020 for our college friends.

Our plan includes limited “in-person” events with our new “Trivia Stream Live”, expanded virtual “Trivia Stream” shows, and a brand new Hybrid way to enjoy our virtual show Trivia Stream League (coming in September).

Trivia Stream the Virtual Game Show will continue.

The success of Trivia Stream the Virtual Game Show has been unmatched in the market. Our team has really created something special that no other game show has come close to matching. Including live video feed of our host, dedicated technician, dedicated chat room hosts and support staff. We’re the only staffed game show in the market, and the difference is amazing.

Since we expect our Trivia Stream Virtual Game Show schedule will be full, our host Gus Davis will be focusing on broadcast shows, and will not be doing live, in-person events.

Live in-person events will be hosted by CJ Johnson, founder of Game Shows To Go and seasoned college entertainer with years of experience connecting with audiences.

Live, in-person shows.

Game Shows To Go/To Go Events strives to be a leader in responsible, live, in-person entertainment. Not by being the biggest or most booked, but by providing socially responsible and engaging entertainment with an eye towards your students well being.

  • Until January 2021 we will be exclusively offering our new “Trivia Stream LIVE” which was designed for a fun, on-campus experience while respecting social distancing guidelines
  • Until January 2021 we will NOT be flying or staying in hotels
  • We will also be eating as little as possible in restaurants
  • The above two objectives will be accomplished by traveling exclusively in our Motorhome to events – where we will also sleep and eat our meals (don’t worry, it’s a nice Motorhome – we’re not “roughing it”)
  • Our touring area will be limited by travel to Texas and surrounding states. Farther if a block of shows can be arranged
  • When not at an event we will diligently practice social distancing and safety including masks, hand washing, and other suggestions of the CDC
  • We will abide by, or exceed all campus and CDC safety measures while on your campus to the best of our abilities
  • Our Audience Response controllers will be sanitized before and after each show
  • Touch-free registration and prize payment will be available
  • We will limit attendance to our shows to under 50-100 otherwise agreed.
  • All of this is subject to the changing times and recommendations of the CDC and other health professionals and to the best of our ability
  • Easy cancellation or switch to a virtual show(s) should the situation call for it

Brand New — Trivia Stream League Play

We are doubling down and spending crazy amounts of time and resources to create our very own software to make Trivia Stream even better! One of those features is the ability to add “Trivia Stream League Play” We expect this to launch October 1st.

Some features will be:

  • Chat that is private to your school
  • Brand new trivia rounds every week
  • Multiple Schools play against each other for bragging rights (and possibly more)
  • Prize package is private to your school
  • New easier to use interface
  • Built-in “trophy room” for stickers, trophies, and other non-monetary awards given during each show. Designed to keep students coming back
  • Simple registration
  • Weekly “news style” updates of what schools are in the top three and impressive scoring from individual players
  • Multi-week contests and point tracking
  • Weekly bragging rights up for grabs as the top 3 schools will be recognized. Only the top three schools will have their ranking shown. All others remain unshown in all reviews.
  • Significantly lower cost per school while giving up nothing from the original format of the show. In fact, the cost may be discounted by as much as  1/2 (off of regular Trivia Stream shows) when signing up for multiple weeks.
  • Built-in HYBRID system that allows you to project the gameplay on a screen(s) with audio and allow students to play while watching a single video stream in a coffee house, auditorium, or other gathering places – or – they can play from anywhere. This allows one program to serve all types of students. It will also allow you to have maximum flexibility in serving your students.

Other To Go Events Attractions

Other, non-game show events from To Go Events will follow the same safety measures. Events marked with a “Social Distance Approved” will be available.

A few options are: