Photo Buttons and Magnets

Photo buttons and magnets are very popular because of their versatility and because they are super fast to produce – meaning more people can be served at each event. The buttons use a very similar process to our photo key chains.

A photo is taken against a green screen. The photo is then manipulated in our software to replace the green with your custom background and overlay. A print is printed on our photo printer (that’s three prints in one sentence!) and then the print is die cut, placed onto a metal shell and permanently formed over a pin back or a metal back with a magnet. Within a minute or two it’s handed to your guests as a keepsake they’ll keep forever.

Our buttons and magnets are available as 2 1/2″ rounds, 1 1/2″ rounds or business card size rectangles (magnets only). Our default is 2 1/2″ rounds.

If making 2 1/2″ rounds guests can choose between buttons and magnets.

Our new style of MAGNETS are rectagular (portrait or landscape) and also have a easel leg that pops out so they can be displayed on a desk or shelf. We love them. If doing this style, then it’ll be magnets only, not buttons, as they use different equipment.

We have a variety of sizes and shapes of buttons/magnets available. The default size/shape is 2.5″ rounds. Unless otherwise requested your quote will be based on the default size/shape.

  • 2.5″ rounds (metal)
  • 1.5″ rounds (metal)
  • 2″x3.5″ rectangle (business card size)(plastic)(magnets only)
  • 2″x2″ Sublimated metal (magnets only)
  • During a 4 hour period, with steady traffic we can make 250-350 custom buttons and magnets.
  • All events are booked by the hour, not by the piece. We will make as many as are possible in the time that we’re there and you’ll find that we have an efficient system to maximize our production.
  • Each button/magnet event includes a photographer and an assistant to assemble key chains.
  • You can request only buttons, only magnets or offer guests a choice (our default)
  • 2 – 6′ or 8′ banquet style tables
  • Minimum of 10×10 space with 10×15 or larger being better
  • 1 – 110v outlet
  • Indoors is preferred, however if outdoors we also need:
    • Covered area or tent with protection from direct sunlight and wind
    • Tent must be staked or weighted down.
    • Tent should have side and/or back walls
    • Client assumes all risks for outdoor events (we recommend a back up venue just in case of inclement weather)

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