Pack the House Podcast from Gus Davis, Brian Brushwood & CJ Johnson

Pack the House PodcastThe Pack the House Podcast. Based on the hit book Pack the House! The Ultimate, Ever-Growing Guide to Increasing Attendance at YOUR Campus Events”. Written by college performers Bizarre Magician Brian Brushwood and Comedy Hypnotist C.J. Johnson. Several years ago Brian and CJ realized that the difference between a great show and an OK show was audience size. The result was writing this book to help colleges who had booked them. It has since taken on a life of its own. Pack the House is available as an e-book on or direct from the authors via their websites.

Pack the House PodcastYou can be one of the first 100 people to sign up for the Pack The House Podcast notification list and we’ll send you an e-book link. Free. It’s intended to your creative juices flowing and become a part of the discussion with us!

The Pack the House Podcast is the extension of the “Ever-Growing” part of that title.

Meet your hosts:

We need YOU!

The Pack the House Podcast is dependant on YOUR IDEAS. We need to hear what you are doing that is successful on your campus. We also want to know where you need the most help so we can zero in on where we can be most helpful. So please share those ideas, then listen and hear what others are doing.  Submit ideas here, by e-mail or by via our facebook group and become a guest on the broadcast. After all – you, the college programmer, are in the trenches hosting events all year long. And it’s YOU that we’ve have learned all of these strategies from in the first place.

Whether you program daytime, weekend, late night or weeknight events – our mission is to help you get more butts in seats at your events.

Sign up below to receive notifications about the Pack the House Podcast and submit your ideas to us via e-mail to cj<at> Let us know if you’re willing to be interviewed for the show and we’ll reach out as we get production dates locked in.

We expect the podcast to launch by April 1, 2017 with weekly episodes during the school year.