Majority Rules – New Game Announcement

Announcing the newest addition to the To Go Events Family…

Majority Rules. Our first phone based show since the groundbreaking original phone based show “Brain Cell” (now retired). Everyone plays on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Cue the music. The announcer welcomes everyone and has them get out their phones go to a simple web address and enter the code that’s on the screen. Now the fun begins. A simple question appears and is read by the host. Guests then vote for the answer they think will be most popular. The faster they lock in their answer, the more points they get. Here’s the rub, as Shakespeare would say, there are no correct answers – just the one that is most popular. If you voted for the majority answer you get points based on how quickly you locked in your answer. If you voted against the majority… no points for you!

Our professional hosts fill in with fun bits of info, jokes and appropriate music to keep the show fun and moving at a good pace.

After several questions, we enter the “BATTLE ROYALE” phase of the game, where the choices go from 2 choices, up to 4 choices. Choose wisely, because if you’re not in the majority you’ll lose all of your points and will have to fight your way back to the top of the leaderboard.

We have winners every round and play 4-5 rounds per show for lots of chances to cash in.

Built in surprise challenges and showdowns are included to keep everyone involved and having fun for 60-70 minutes.

For more details visit the Majority Rules page.