Jumbo Connect Four

Kids - Teens - Adults all love to play jumbo gamesJumbo Connect Four is a 3′ tall version of the classic strategy game we grew up playing. 10X it’s regular size makes it a a lot of fun. Plus, it’s giant size becomes part of your event decor letting guests know that they’re going to have FUN at your event.

Jumbo Connect Four is a great add on itemCollege students love to play these oversized games, as do adults, kids and just about everyone who’s not a boring dullard – and hey – who wants those people around your party anyways! 🙂

Jumbo Connect Four is considered an “add on item”, not a stand alone attraction. We have awesome “Be a kid again” packages that include jumbo games, Pucker Powder, Mini Golf To Go, Carnival Games, Fun Foods (coming soon) and more. Let us put together a package that will FILL YOUR ROOM with fun and excitement and make everyone stop and take notice that something special is happening.

This add on item is available in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and anywhere that we’ll be going with a truck for other events.


  • A space of 6×8 for set up and room for people to play.
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • No other needs

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