Our Largest Racing Experience - Brought To Your Events

Micro Reality Racing at your college or corporate event




Micro Reality Racing at YOUR PLACE! Indoors or Outdoors!


RaceCarsToGo-UTTWhat is the #1 Spectator Sport in the USA? Football? – Nope. Baseball? Nope. It’s NASCAR!!!

But now you don’t have to just watch it because we’ll bring the race to your place!

Experience all of the thrills, chills, and excitement of stock car racing with 1/10th scale stock cars racing at a scaled speed of 200 mph! The track itself is 16’ wide x 28’ long (can be set up as small as 16×16 with a round set up if space is a concern – or consider our two smaller tracks Micro and Mini).Micro Reality Racing in New Mexico

Our giant banked curve track (available in 9 different track orientations) puts 6 slotless, remote control cars in the hands of your guests.

There are dramatic passing attempts, glorious crashes and adrenaline pumping excitement as drivers compete to in a 15 lap race to the checkered flag. Winners of each heat get a checkered flag as a souvenir and it becomes a walking advertisement for your event. Helping to draw even more spectators. Best of all – it’s just as addicting to watch as it is to race!

RCTG and SJCCEach event includes full set up, simple technical needs (power and a couple of tables – and a tent or covered area if outdoors), 6 driving stations with steering wheels, throttle and car numbers, lap counter, ability to customize electronic signage, back ups of everything that could go down during the event and a staff of frieRaceCarsToGo-UTT2ndly, fun and knowledgeable people.

It’s non-stop action, high speed spin-outs, spectacular crashes, and all of the bumping and rubbing of real stock car racing.

We can service 100-120 people per hour at this attraction and students will line up to play again and again. We can play even more if you’re at a major, high traffic, event by making the races 10 laps instead of 15.

And now we’ve made some adjustments to keep drivers 6′ apart and we’ll wipe down the steering wheels between races so Race Cars To Go will comply with most social distancing guidelines as they are currently published.

Colleges call Everything But The Mime: Carol Studer at 407.856.2412 all others call C.J. Johnson at The To Go Events Family 800-462-4424 ext. 1 or 512-431-9579


Scale Speed of 200 MPH!!!

"C.J. and the To Go Events company have always been a pleasure to work with. This was the first time we brought in Race Cars To Go and it was a great event. Students were lined up for four hours straight to get their chance to compete against their friends. The track is big, eye-catching and perfectly fit in our campus venue. I would recommend this fun event for your campus and we will definitely be bringing them back!"
Ryan LindquistUniversity of New Mexico

  •  2 110V outlets or a generator if outside. Power must be available from the start of set up until we are completely done.
  • Generator can be provided for a small additional charge.
  • Minimum of 20×20 space, for a round track. Up to 20 x 32 for our largest size (or any size in between). This is the space that the track actually occupies. We’ll need room for spectators and drivers too.
  • Flat space to set up. Doesn’t necessarily need to be level, but it does need to be a flat space.
  • If outdoors we should be under a tent and protected from direct sunlight. Our cars and steering columns are electronic and extreme heat from direct sunlight can damage them.
  • We have a tent (see pictures) that we can provide for SHADE ONLY, it is not intended for inclement weather.
  • Outdoor events the client assumes all risks for weather.
  • If indoors the area must be handicap accessible (Ramps etc for loading in very large and heavy cases on wheels that cannot be lifted)
  • If the area being loaded into requires the use of an elevator then it must be able to accommodate cases that measure 66″ long x 18″ wide x 66″ tall and weigh 400 lbs.
  • Two parking spaces for a vehicle pulling a trailer.
  • Close access to load in – we’re carrying 4000 lbs of gear – the closer we can get to load in – the better.
  • Three hours for set up, one to two hours for load out
  • If To Go Events is providing a tent we will need easy access to a water source to fill weight containers for the tent.
Layout of set up when under our tent. With dimensions.
Race Cars To Go Set Up with Tent Diagram

These are the dimensions needed when setting up our racing theme inflatable tent.

Click on image for larger version.

Can Race Cars To Go be socially distant?
Yes, of course.

We’ve modified the controllers to be at least 6′ apart, and sanitation measures will be taken between races.

It will be the sponsors responsibility for crowd control and maintaining any physical spaces. We will work our best to accommodate reasonable requests.

Can we hold this event outdoors?
Yes, of course.

If we are outside we must be under a tent that is 20×30 or larger.

We have a racing theme tent that we can use. It is for attraction and shade only and is not for use to protect from rain at this point in time.

Seen from a distance.

Seen from a distance.

Do you participate in Coop Buying?

You bet.  If you’re a college actively involved in APCA or NACA, we fully participate in coop buying through our college agency Everything But The Mime. Coop buying can save you hundreds of dollars in saved travel and discounts.

How many cars do you have running at a time?
We typically run 6 cars at a time, though we’ve found that 4 cars at a time makes for more competitive racing and less time crashing. So either 4 or 6 are very competitive.

You can choose a 4 or 6 car set up for your event.

How long does set up take?

We’ll arrive about 3 hours before your event to set up.

How long does load out take?

Tear down and load out takes about 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on a lot of variables.

Do you give discounts?
We give discounts through coop buying and routing. We can also give package deals when you request contracts for several of our events at the same time.

For instance: Book a Game Shows To Go, a Fun Fotos To Go Novelty event and a Race Cars To Go and we’ll give you a package price. That price/discount will vary depending on what events you schedule.

Beyond package pricing and coop/routing we are consistent in our pricing. We don’t believe in quoting a higher price just to give a fake discount. We offer competitive pricing from the start.

Discounts will be reflected in the final events contracted price.

Can you do more than one event in a day?

We can only do one event in a day, however, we network with other operators who we have vetted to be professionals (not all are the same), and if we’re already booked on the date that’s important to you, we’ll work to get you a professional team to help you out.

How many staff members are at each event?

We always send two uniformed staff members, and sometimes more to each event.

Can you provide a generator?

For a small additional charge we can provide a generator. Just let us know when requesting a contract and we’ll make sure we have it with us when we arrive.

Tell us about your tent
Our tent looks awesome and provides great shade.

It is NOT intended for use in inclement weather such as rain or heavy winds and does not guarantee weatherproofing in rain. If you are worried about rain then a different tent should be provided.

Ours is for shade and attraction only.

Micro Reality Race Track Layout Options for College and Corporate EventsNine different layouts are available for our Micro Reality Racing System. The smallest circle is 16×16 and the largest oval track is 16×28. Typically, when using our attraction tent we set up the 16×24 size.

Additional space is needed for steering columns, scoring system, battery charging and work tables.