Micro Slot Car Racing at Your Event

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Micro Slot Car Racing – 1/64 Scale Race Car Track

Full Micro Slot Car Track - IsolatedBig time fun in a small package. Our Micro Slot Car Racing brings all the fun of racing to your event at a skill level that pleases everyone.

These are the size cars we all played with as kids. HO Scale, 1:64 Scale, Hot Wheels size, whatever you want to call them, they’re fun, they’re fast and they’re easy to host.

Each car is color coordinated to a slot, and the slot is marked all around the track, making it easy to recover if a racer flips off the track. Or you can play where “You crash, you’re out!”, making it a much more skill based race.

The track is 6′ x 5′ and sits on two 6′ banquet style tables. A banner is over the race cars bringing them up into the vertical space making it more of an attraction at your event. Nets around the sides keep cars from flying off the table, and we’ve crammed as much racing as possible into a very small footprint.

This small footprint makes Micro Slot Car Racing very popular with our trade show clients who want to have an attraction in their booth that customers can enjoy, without taking up too much space on the expensive trade show floor.

Best of all, it’s very inexpensive to have the Micro Slot Car Racing at your event and you can even bundle the race cars in with Mini Golf, Fun Fotos, or Jumbo or Carnival Games to make it even more affordable.

This attraction is available in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and more. It does require us to drive to an event as the track is mounted to boards that make it too large to fly. Our Mini Slot Car Racing, the next size up, however, can be flown with as the track sits straight on a table and is assembled on site. So if you’re a long way away from our home base in the Austin Texas area – that’d be the better choice for you.

We can service 100-120 people per hour at this attraction and students will line up to play again and again. We can play even more if you’re at a major, high traffic, event by making the races 10 laps instead of 15.

Colleges call Everything But The Mime: Carol Studer at 407.856.2412 all others call C.J. Johnson at The To Go Events Family 800-462-4424 ext. 1 or 512-431-9579

"C.J. and the To Go Events company have always been a pleasure to work with. This was the first time we brought in Race Cars To Go and it was a great event. Students were lined up for four hours straight to get their chance to compete against their friends. The track is big, eye-catching and perfectly fit in our campus venue. I would recommend this fun event for your campus and we will definitely be bringing them back!"
Ryan LindquistUniversity of New Mexico

  • 2 Six Foot Banquet style tables (important that they be 6 foot as that’s the size our table covers fit.
  •  1 110V outlets or a generator if outside.
  • Generator can be provided for a small additional charge.
  • Minimum of 10×10 space to accomdate track, spectators and drivers.
  • If outdoors we should be under a tent and protected from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage the track when temeratures are high.
  • Outdoor events the client assumes all risks for weather.
  • 1 hour for set up, 30 minutes to tear down
Are Micro Race Cars a socially distant event?
No. Unfortunately the size of the track and the fact that the controllers are wired, keeps it from having racers the adequate space apart.

Our Mini Slot Cars and our XL Remote Control cars are both socially distant compliant though!

Can we hold this event outdoors?
Yes, of course.

If we are outside we must be under a tent that is 10×10 or larger with side walls on the sun side to prevent the track from being in direct sunlight. If in a larger tent, we can be in the middle, without side walls.

Do you participate in Coop Buying?

You bet.  If you’re a college actively involved in APCA or NACA, we fully participate in coop buying through our college agency Everything But The Mime. Coop buying can save you hundreds of dollars in saved travel and discounts.

How many cars do you have running at a time?
This is a 4 lane slot car set. So four cars race at a time.
How long does set up take?
It takes less than an hour to set up, but we’ll arrive about 1 hour prior to event starting time.
How long does load out take?
About 30 minutes to an hour.
Do you give discounts?
We give discounts through coop buying and routing. We can also give package deals when you request contracts for several of our events at the same time.

For instance: Book a Game Shows To Go, a Fun Fotos To Go Novelty event and a Race Cars To Go and we’ll give you a package price. That price/discount will vary depending on what events you schedule.

Beyond package pricing and coop/routing we are consistent in our pricing. We don’t believe in quoting a higher price just to give a fake discount. We offer competitive pricing from the start.

Discounts will be reflected in the final events contracted price.

Can you do more than one event in a day?
Yes, we can do a morning and an evening event. By utiliting one of our other track sizes we can do as many as 4 events in one day.
How many staff members are at each event?
This track can be run by volunteers, or just left for people to race without a host. This is what we recommend when pairing the Micro Slot Cars with one of our Fun Fotos To Go or Mini Golf To Go events.

When we’re there just for the Micro Slot Cars then our host will run the event.

Only one person is required for set up and operation.

Can you provide a generator?

For a small additional charge we can provide a generator. Just let us know when requesting a contract and we’ll make sure we have it with us when we arrive.