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Time and time again we’d get asked the question “how many people get to play”. Well we finally have a game where EVERYONE gets to be a contestant and participate in this fun live game show!

Practice up on your text messaging skills because you’re going to put them to the test in this fun-filled, fast-paced show. Winning a challenge such as “most accurate text messaging”, “fastest fingers” and “craziest shorthand” will get you a place on stage to compete for the big prizes, and other challenges will get contestants prizes from their seats! Plus the audience’s text messages appear on our 10′ video screen during the show.

Once the player podiums on stage are full everyone still participates as audience members are asked questions such as “what’s the most popular cell phone carrier in this room?”. They lock in their answers and then the audience sends an SMS message to our dedicated line and a poll is taken instantly. Whoever gets the correct answer wins that round.

“Brain Cell last night was amazing! As always, Game Shows To Go was a pleasure to work with. Gus is an amazing host who knows our students well. LaGrange College has now officially had every game show that you all offer on campus, and we are excited to start the rotation again next year. These events are always a great addition to our welcome week schedule.”

– Tara Kermiet, LaGrange College
6 time Game Show Client

“The show was amazing. The students really enjoyed it. Gus always cracks me up and he did a great job engaging the students and keeping them interested. He and Cory were very professional in the set up and take down and the set for the show was top notch. It was a great show!”

-Angie Totty – Arkansas State University – Beebe

“We all had a great time last night! It was even better than I had expected! We got a professional group of people with a lot of energy to get the crowd going. You surpassed our expectations!”

Eric Pashia – Unversity of Northern Colorado
4 time Game Show Client

Other rounds include: Name that Ringtone, Call Screening and Brain Busters!

Perfect Sponsored Event Opportunity – Colleges, you can have a “communications day” event and invite representatives from cell phone companies to set up on campus all day long to sign up new customers, show off new hardware and connect with potential customers. These same companies can provide “commericals” for the show that will be displayed during game play. Plus – the presence of the vendors all day will serve as perfect advertising for your event that night – and the revenues generated from the sponsorships will help pay for your show!

This is the only show all year long where you have to keep your cell phone ON during the show!

Is a prize package included & how much?
Brain Cell Game Show includes a $300 prize package for all COLLEGE EVENTS.

Non-College Events are quoted as “Plus Prizes”. This show has a number of smaller winners throughout the show instead of just a few people winning bigger amounts of money/prizes.

Of course you can increase the prize package if you so desire. To receive a price quote please fill out the form on our contact page.

What are the technical needs of Brain Cell?
Silver Level - Budget Plus Production Level

We’ll need to following to be provided for the Silver/Bronze Level (Budget) Shows.

  • Video Projector & Enough Cable to reach the Podium
  • Podium
  • Sound System that is appropriate to the venue
  • Extension Cord with Power Strip – enough to reach the podium.
  • Technician who knows how to access your sound/video
  • 2 6 foot banquet style tables.
  • A GOOD CELL SIGNAL and a STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION are REQUIRED for a great show. This entire show is driven off of cell phones, so if you’re in a venue without a strong cell signal – consider a different show.

Gold Production Shows

We bring just about everything needed for these shows. See tech rider on downloads page for specific details, but here’s an overview of what we’ll need:

Electrical: Our equipment can run off of regular household current. We ask that 4 outlets, on 20 amp circuits, be available for our exclusive use.

If these outlets are further than 30′ away from the performance area then extension cords should be provided.

General Stage Lighting: A general stage wash is needed for the show. The lighting we carry is for effect and general illumination should be provided by the venue. Our Platinum level shows include full stage lighting.

Sound: We carry our own sound equipment for Beat the Banker

Load in/Load out assistance: We have a LOT of gear to load in. It’s all on wheels, so there’s no heavy lifting. We don’t require help, but we sure appreciate it when we get it and it puts our crew in a great mood for your show!

Platinum Level Shows

All of the above plus we strongly recommend a spider box or a direct power input as we will be drawing a lot of power. This is only for the platinum level shows as the lighting package is much more robust and intense.

How are people selected to play Brain Cell?
Everyone at your event will have a chance to play during the game through our texting challenges. Some are random, some are skill based – all haven proven to be a lot of fun. We even have “pity rounds” for those without cell phones or who’s battery has died.

Some of our games include:

  • Fastest Fingers
  • Name that Ringtone
  • Guess the Case
What level of production is Brain Cell available in?
Brain Cell is available in the SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM LEVELS as a technician is required to parse all of the text messages and voting.

Silver Level Production

We’ll ask you to provide a few things for this show. It leaves the big sets at home and uses readily available items from your campus. See “Technical Needs” on this page for those items. It also makes the show super affordable, especially for distant shows, as our host can fly to your show instead of drive.


  • Host
  • Computerized Game Play
  • Wireless Connectivity so host can run show from the stage.
  • Wireless Hard Hats and Microphones for each contestant.
  • Sound Mixer
  • Wireless Microphones (Host and Contestants)
  • Bank of game questions tweaked from years of experience geared towards your audience’s make up.
  • Prize package (colleges only)
  • Sound Effects
  • Music
  • Customization of Questions for your event is available for an additional fee.

Gold Production Shows

All the bells and whistles of a TV Game Show.

Includes (everything above plus more)

  • Host
  • Trained Technician
  • Huge Set
  • Lighted Host Podium
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Customization of game set with your logo and event info if requested
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Video Mixer
  • Full Sound System (appropriate for audiences up to 500) if more are expected you should either provide sound or go with a Platinum Level Show.
  • Bright, Short Throw Video Projection (allows short distance between screen and wall).
  • Video Screen
  • LED backdrops with moving effects
  • Backdrops & Curtains
  • NOTE: Our current set looks different than the one in the videos. We no longer use the dial scoring and hanging helmets, but instead use video scoring. It looks better, allows for more flexibility and is much safer.

Platinum Level Shows

Everything included in the Gold production PLUS…

  • Front of Stage Truss System to suspend lighting and video projection – giving cleaner lines
  • Truss based stage set
  • Enhanced Intelligent Lighting
  • General Lighting – an important distinction between packages
  • Enhanced Sound System (when needed)

Additional Items that can be added on a per item basis but that are NOT included automatically in our published pricing:

  • Live music & announcer
  • Follow Spots and Operators
  • Customization of questions or game play
  • Live video recording and side of stage video projection (outsourced locally)
  • Custom Commercials and Videos
  • On-Site Producer – recommended if working on a tight schedule or high pressure environment.
Can we get all inclusive pricing?
Of course. We list our prices plus travel and lodging, but we will give you a firm price for travel, and if you prefer we can even include the cost of the hotel.

You’ll know exactly what your price is before we contract. No Surprises.

We’re all about being easy to work with.

Do you have insurance?
Of course. We are fully insured. We can add your event to our policy at no additional charge – so you’re covered too.

There is no cost for his as long as we have at least 2 weeks notice. Rushes may incur a $50 charge – so please check in advance if you need any special wording.

How much time does it take to set up/tear down?
Bronze Level Production

Silver Level Production

We’ll need about 2 hours to set up. It takes far less than this to set everything up, but this gives us time to troubleshoot since we’ll be using unfamiliar equipment. This always gives us plenty of time, providing that all items from our tech needs are ready and waiting for us when we arrive.

Gold Production Shows

Take about 3-3 1/2 hours to set up and about 60-90 minutes to tear down and load out. (Usually about 60 minutes unless it’s a long walk from venue to loading dock).

Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this.

Platinum Level Shows

Take about 4-4 1/2 hours to set up and about 75-100 minutes to tear down and load out.

Please take this into account when scheduling your facilities.

Shorter set up times (within reason) can be accomplished by us bringing in extra crew at an extra cost. Please inquire if you will need us to do this

These set up times assume easy access to the rooms, a loading dock and NO STAIRS. If we will need extra time to load in please let us know in advance.

How long is a show?
The typical show lasts 60-90 minutes with an average of 70 minutes.
Can we customize the game or game play?


Our software makes it easy to customize the backgrounds, prizes and sound effects and this customization is available at no additional cost in most cases.

We can customize in any way desired, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll put together a price quote for that customization.
We have ready to go shows for “Alcohol Awareness”, “Distracted Driving” and more.
If we feel the topic you are interested in will be popular with other clients, we’ll write a custom show at no extra charge. We may already have something for you with a different show, as each show has it’s own character and strengths.
We are happy to work with you to figure out what will work best for your event if you have something special in mind.


We can easily add your brand or any phrase to the “fastest fingers” portion of a show. Literally causing your guests to input your sales message into their phones!


There is a brief traditional trivia section to Brain Cell (ala our Fast Action Trivia Game). We can easily add in your questions to this section.

What size of performance area is needed?
Our Silver shows are very flexible and can fit in just about any space. However – to make it feel more like a show we recommend the minimums outlined below. We can be very flexible with the budget shows, but not quite as much with the Gold/Platinum shows.

Our shows are pretty big. So we do need some room. Though we do have a bit of flexibility these are our ideal space needs:

For Gold or Platinum Level shows a stage or platform that is a minimum of 16′ deep x 24′ wide (preferably 28′ or wider)

If a stage is not available we can work on floor level – just add about 4 feet to these dimensions.

Near the stage/performance area should be a place for two 6 foot banquet tables (we’ll bring these) for our technician to set up.

This space should be indoors, or if outdoors this should be pre-approved by our staff and it should be a covered area. Outdoor shows are not recommended for daytime events as even our very bright projectors get washed out in full sunlight. LED Backdrops are not available for outdoor events. Wind can be difficult with a large projection screen. To Go Events has the final say on safety for all outdoor events.  All outdoor events are “pay or play”.

We also need 10.5 feet above the stage for our full set – though we can make the set shorter if we need to. Again… just let us know in advance so we are prepared.

State Fees/Taxes/Permits
Some states such as California, New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina and Missouri (just a few that we know of) have “Out of State Entertainer” taxes or state income taxes that we don’t have here in our home state of Texas.

In order to avoid raising our prices by up to 5% for everyone, our contracts will always contain this wording:

SPECIAL NOTE: The agreed upon fee is the amount that should be paid to Game Shows To Go AFTER ANY FEES, STATE TAXES (income, performer or otherwise), Special Licensing Fees required by your state or other municipality or organization. There is no way for us to keep up with all 50 states and thousands of states and cities. The amount of the check written to Game Shows to go, after deductions should be (amount quoted for show). If the gross needs to be adjusted please do so to ensure the proper payment amount. Thanks for your understanding.

This seems to be the best way to keep our prices low and only pass along these costs to the states/people who charge them. Our fees usually include travel/lodging/prizes/promotional materials and many other expenses and that are not income.

Ways we can work around this are:

  • Add the amount expected to be deducted for these fees/taxes to the amount your check is requested for.
  • Subtract the amount of fees/taxes from the prize money we give at the show (if we are providing prizes).
  • Add a clause that says expenses of “up to <the amount of taxes/fees> will be billed after the show” and we’ll bill you for that exact amount.


Are discounts available?
We fully participate in block bookings both through NACA and on our own. Check our calendar page to see when we’ll be coming near you to save.

We give HUGE discounts to schools who work with us to create routes. Using Coop buying really helps everyone to win.

You can also get discounts by scheduling more than one show during the school year.

Other than that, we have a published price list with competitive pricing that we stand by. We don’t give an inflated price just to give you a false discount. We quote a great market price and stick to it. We hope you’ll appreciate us being up front about this, it seems to be the most ethical way to do business.

What's the hardest part about booking Brain Cell?
Other shows have a look and feel of popular TV shows, so they’re easy to describe to others in the decision making process.

Brain Cell and BONK are both very original shows, so it’s much more difficult to describe. We suggest having others watch the video and if you’ve got questions – call us!

Beat the Banker - FAQ's


 Show Info Flier

Brain Cell Flier Image

26 mb

Technical Riders

Gold & Platinum (Full Production) Show Tech Rider

Silver Level (Budget Show) Tech Rider

 Show Fliers

 Coming Soon

 Logos & Graphics

Show Logo:

New Brain Cell LogoAdobe Illustrator File

EPS File

Large PNG File (Transparent layer)

Larger JPG File

If you don’t have Illustrator we can easily provide you with a copy of the logo is whatever size you may need and send it to you.


Don’t Text and Drive Screens from the show (1024×768)

Don’t Text and Drive – PNG

Don’t Text and Drive – JPG


Brain Cell has special editions written specially for the following topics:

We are happy to write a show just for you or use surveys that you create for your event. If we write/research surveys an extra cost may apply. However, if it’s a show that we think others will be interested in, we may share the cost with you or absorb it ourselves. Talk to an agent today.

Request More Information Today!

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