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Fast Action Trivia for Trade Show Entertainment

Fast Action Trivia at the NAA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

For Colleges, Schools and Corporate Entertainment

Fast Action TriviaOur Fast Action Trivia game show is just what the doctor ordered when you want to have a LOT of people to have the opportunity to play the game show. Rapid fire trivia questions are asked in 3 minute rounds – very simply, the winner at the end of the three minutes is the winner. That player stays, gets a prize, and three more contestants try to dethrone that player. Winners can remain for up to 10 wins, then they get a special prize and give up their position. This keeps one brainiac from monopolizing the entire event!

Most of all, our hosts, with YEARS OF EXPERIENCE doing this show at Trade Shows, know how to keep the game moving FAST and keep it fun by mixing in comedic questions, jokes and trick questions. It’s a blast to play, it’s super fun to watch.

You can set up Fast Action Trivia as a show where contestants and audience come and go (such as in a cafeteria, at a fair or festival) or you can run it for up to 90 minutes as a full on game show.

Fast Action Trivia is our simplest set up. No video is needed, no computers, no big space needs. A simple set up of four player stations and a couple of banner stands, a host podium and we’re ready to go! (Note: pictures showing a large set are from corporate trade show events where we’re teaching too – that’s a slightly different animal – see below). Since the set up is so simple, it’s also the lowest cost show we offer – so it’s great for those on a budget.

Custom built portable scoring, lock out and microphone systems mean that we can hop on a plane and perform this show anywhere in the world. No one else has the awesome portable scoring systems that we have – because our Lead Technician James designed and built them from the ground up to our exact needs.

Fast Action Trivia College Game Show

Win 5 times in a row and get a bonus! (then make room for mortals to play!)

This is our go to game show for the trade show floor

We can supplement the trivia about a clients product with gag questions, comedy, video backgrounds and lots more. The winner of each round on the trade show floor gets to spin a prize wheel – helping your budget for prizes and creating another level of excitement.

Trade Shows (pictures shown here) can include video support, sound, prize wheels, lighting etc.. We will pack your booth all day long playing this game. Booths around you may be empty – but yours won’t be!

Trade Show Entertainment that informs, educates and entertains

Fast Action Trivia having fun in Las Vegas at the SHRM Conference 2015.

Available at all levels of production, with or without video backgrounds (it’s not required for the game play)

Player Stands can be 2 digit or 4 digit read out and can have custom made fronts for branding the stands to your event. Can be set up with 2, 3, 4 or 5 players. We have several options and styles to choose from and we’ll make sure the gear we bring with us meets your specific goals and needs.

When you’re looking for the fast action of Jeopardy, without the dryness, this is the Game Show that you’re probably interested in. We’ve taken all of the things that people love about Jeopardy and we’ve stripped away the things that slow it down as a live event (which plays much differently than show recorded for TV audiences). If you insist, we can make people answer in the form of a question – but we don’t recommend doing so and it just gets confusing when people haven’t trained for the game. Oddly, contestants often answer with a question anyways.

*We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Jeopardy, it’s hosts or producers in any way. We know that you know that, but we’re saying it anyways.

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UNT Dallas uses Fast Action Trivia for Alcohol Awareness Event

BPCC uses Fast Action Trivia for Earth Day - and loves it!


We were so happy with how our event went, and Gus was a wonderful host. Our students were so engaged during the entire event, and we've heard great feedback from them!
Fast Action Trivia was a hit! Students want to participate and other students enjoy just hanging around and spectating. There’s always much excitement and buzz in the Student Union Building for this event. Gus is a great host and person. He’s easy going, low maintenance and always seems to be enjoying himself.
It was pretty cool because you asked questions that really got us going, and you did it so quick and then you integrated the alcohol questions in there which really made us aware. Some of didn’t know some of the answers so it really did bring awareness to the questions being asked. It was very fun. We’re going to see if we can get you guys to come back out. It’s an important topic and it was very good how you integrated that into it. We had a good time.
Everything was great! Gus phenomenal as always! We even had an active shooter drill that occurred during the event, and Gus went with it and got the students to come back after the drill was over!

How long is a show?
We schedule Fast Action Trivia for a 90 minute block as the standard time.

If you are doing a stage show – this is the MAX amount of time that we recommend.

If your event is a “come and go” type of event, such as at a festival, in a lobby or cafeteria, then we can arrange for longer times for minimal additional fee.

We recommend that if it’s going to be more than two hours that you schedule in a 10-15 minute break for the host – as it’s a LOT of reading of questions – so his voice will need a break.

How many people play?
About 60-70 people per hour depending on how well one particular player does.

There is a new round every 4 minutes. 3 minutes for the game and an estimated 1 minute to change players and award prizes.

It can go slightly faster than that if there is a line of people so rules don’t have to be re explained each round.

What ``hot button`` issues do you already have questions for?
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Earth Day
  • Black History Month
  • Safe Spring Break
  • Title IX Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
  • Distracted Driving
  • Holidays/Christmas

And we can create a custom show just for YOU and your specific teaching needs!

Can you customize questions?
The short answer is YES.

The longer answer is that we can mix in 20-30 custom questions that rotate throughout the show.

Because of the fast nature of the game, we’ll blaze through 600-1000 questions in 2 hours! So we can’t write that many questions just for your event.

What kind of tech needs do you have?
Very simply we’ll need:

  • an 8×12 minimum space
  • Outdoor events must be in a covered area and out of direct sunlight.
  • Power and a power strip.
  • A sound system appropriate for your venue (it helps to have one speaker (a monitor) pointed at the players so they hear the questions clearly).
Does this show include prizes?
For all college and school events the show includes prizes of $5 per round, which averages right at $200 for a 2 hour period when we include the bonuses for someone who wins 10 rounds.
Do you offer discounts?
We fully participate in coop pricing through APCA and NACA for colleges.

Teaming up with other clients while we’re already in the area gives us some pricing flexibility.

Other than that we have set fair and competitive prices for all of our shows and we stand firmly by our price sheets except for routing.

  • 8′ deep x 12′ wide minimum (Trade Shows can be 10′ wide).
  • 1 Extension Cord with power strip or 4 outlets
  • Sound System (can be provided for additional cost if driving to event)
  • A volunteer to help manage the queue is helpful, but not required.









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