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Kim Johnson, co-owner of To Go Events is a master fiber artist and crochet fanatic.

Now she brings her expertise to you in the way of customized crochet kits in a wide variety of available projects that are sure to launch students into a new hobby that will last a lifetime.

Unlike some DIY projects, these kits, and Kim’s tutelage, teach an actual skill. Each project is designed to be used as a stepping stone to something larger, and designed to be completed in about an hour (with a few exceptions).

You can choose from self-paced programming where we provide your school with a custom, personalized link on her website, complete with a customized welcome video and step by step instructions on how to complete the project. Also included are embedded videos with detailed instructions about each individual stitch, so if extra help is needed on a stitch, guests can watch just that video.

You can also get LIVE INSTRUCTIONS via Zoom. Kim uses a two camera shoot so you can see her face as well as the work that is being done in her hands from overhead, for all Zoom calls. Professional lighting and setting are all a part of the polished experience you’ll have with her live instructions.

Quantities as few as  25 kits up to several hundred are available.

While Kim is part of the To Go Events family, all of her college bookings for this project are done through 9 time “College Agency of the Year” Everything But the Mime. Many more details are available on her website at

What people are saying about Crocheting With Kim

This program is amazing! Many of our college students wanted to learn how to crochet. Kim has many great choices, and they come in the BEST packaging. She used our logo, and has a great link to watch to video (we did the pre-recorded option for the easy of most of our students). So excited about this program! Thank you so much!
Bonnie NimmoHCC Plant CIty

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