Corporate Team Building a huge success!

In early May 2018 we were asked to help provide fun activities for Oseco, a company in the pressure relief business for industry.

They had around 100 employees at a 1/2 day event. They wanted roughly a dozen groups/teams to compete against one another in a variety of events that would be both fun and not to physically challenging so no one person would have an edge just because they were the most fit.

It was an amazing event put together by a really wonderful event planner, Kacy, with Lola and Company out of Tulsa, OK. At noon food trucks were set up as employees all drove in from the company’s site to

a wonderful event barn in Broken Arrow, OK. A DJ played a great mix of music while everyone got food, went inside and

had the days plan explained to them.

There would be four rounds of competitions. People were divided into teams and given different colored T-shirts to identify their teams. Teams

combined people that you worked with along side others in the company who you may not see regularly (example: sales/accounting or shipping/marketing). It was a great way to make sure the whole company had opportunities to

interact in a fun way.  The four rounds were Laser Tag and an inflatable obstacle course (not ours) and Mini Golf To Go and Race Cars To Go were provided by To Go Events.

Contestants raced the cars in serious, head to head competition and the results were tabulated and they played teams (alternating strokes) in Mini

Golf. For mini golf they scored the first 9 holes, and then for the final hole they got 5 attempts at a “hole in one” which got them bonus points. The record was 3 hole in one’s. An three people got that many!

In the end, everyone had a great time and the client didn’t have to homegrow all of their activities. They turned it over to professionals and had an amazing and low stress day.

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