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Contestants enter the Challenge Arena, collect their ammo, and take their places behind one of up to 8 Air Blasting Cannons. A timer starts, the cannons go live and soon you and your friends are firing super soft balls at each other, trying to get them into the net affixed to the front of each cannon.

Of course it’s just as fun to cannonball your friends as it is to hit the target. It’s totally safe and a lot of adrenaline pumping fun to play.

We’ve got options to fit most budgets with our Cannonball Air Blaster. You can have 4 Air Blasters or 8 Air Blasters. You can shoot at the nets, or we can bring in a scoring system and ten targets for the super competitive groups.

There is never a shortage of people wanting to Blast their friends, and Cannonball Air Blaster will be a hit at your next college, school or corporate event.

What age groups are best for this attraction?
Any ages love it! Little kids, adults, teens.

We added it to the To Go Events family because we (50 year olds) had a blast playing it every time we saw it at a show.

Is this safe?

In the ten years the manufacturer has been making this product, they’ve never had an injury.

The Cannonballs are super soft, and protective eyewear is required for all participants and is included.

Does the price include an attendant?
Our normal pricing does include an attendant. However, if you have volunteers who can man this attraction while we attend another attraction – let us know and you could save a few bucks.
How long does set up take?
We generally plan on 90 minutes for set up. We work at every event to streamline the set up process – so it’ll be shorter soon.
How long does tear down take?
About 45 minutes to an hour.
How long do you stay?
We book an event with up to 4 hours at the same price. Additional hours are available at a discounted rate.
Can we set up indoors or outdoors?
Either way is fine with us. We just need a level area free from debris and gravel. We can provide a floor covering if needed for a small additional fee.
Can we rent and set it up ourselves?
Every event includes delivery, set up and tear down. You don’t need to worry about anything except space and power (and we can even take care of the power if needed).

Space Needs for Cannonball Air Blaster To Go

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  • The arena (Two 10×10 tents with a 3′ entry area, fully screened) is 10 deep by 23′ wide.
  • Contestants enter through the middle of the widest (23′) side.
  • The back side can be against a wall or another attraction.
  • A carpeted floor, lighting and scoring targets can be added as an option.
  • 2 electrical outlets, 20 amp, 120v (regular household current) should be available. If outlets are more than 25′ from the arena then high quality (14 gauge or heavier) extension cords should be provided (or let us know and we’ll bring them).
  • Remember to allow room for spectators and for people to enter/exit the attraction. The space specified is for the attraction only.
  • Arena Tents are approximately 10′ tall.
  • 2 separate electrical circuits, or a direct power source, is required when we’re providing an 8 player system. Otherwise we will trip a circuit.

Standard Set up includes arena and 4 Cannonball Air Blasters. The list below are options that are available for minimal charge.

  • 8 Cannonball Air Blasters
  • Carpeted Floor
  • Lighting for inside arena
  • Black Lights for extra cool looking nighttime or dark events
  • Generator for outside events
  • Electronic targets and digital scoring for competitive groups

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