Fun Fotos To Go’s “Around the World Photos” allow your guests to take a virtual trip to the destination of their dreams. Paris, London, Taj Majal, The Great Pyramids, anywhere.

We typically offer 15-20 destinations with a custom border and event information. Our unique combination of technologies allows us to offer many choices to our guests while at the same time moving through a large number of people to give everyone a chance to participate.

Green Screen photos are where we started in the Fun Fotos division of our business, so we know how to create something fun and unique that is specifically branded for your event. We now employ new graphic artist to really elevate all of our green screen and photo related products to the next level. We think you’ll notice the difference.

Around the World Photos get printed on site.

Photos are printed at lab quality in 4×6 format and handed to each guest in the picture. They’re also then (with your permission) shared on Facebook so guests can get a digital copy as well, and so that you can share the album.

We’ve had a few clients combine these with photo luggage tags to promote student travel, study abroad and other programs. It’s a great combo. Though we don’t have a specific page for luggage tags, the process is very similar to our photo key chains.

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