Addressing the current events in the world

The To Go Events Family, Inc. was founded on the principle that we treat everyone as Family. Everyone. That was our mission statement from the beginning and it is the guiding principle behind every decision that we have made since we were founded. We are, like so many others, heartbroken by the fear and suffering that is rocking this Nation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who is driven to strive for fairness, love, equality, and treating everyone like they are part of our family.

While no one can really walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, the facts are plain that changes must be made in ourselves and our current system. For the sake of trying to understand what is happening, here is an example. Upon seeing a post on Social Media that someone has died you may decide to send a care emoji and mean it, but that death is not going to devastate your life. However, if you are the one posting about a loved one that has been taken away, your life is forever changed. This is the time for us all as Americans to really try and put ourselves in the shoes of those that are devastated and try and do more than just post an emoji. We urge you to try and really look beyond your own safe bubbles and reach out to help those fellow Americans that are suffering.

Studies show that 1 in 1000 black men in this country will lose their life to police brutality. To put that in perspective, almost as many black men die every year from police violence than the number of total people who die every year in motorcycle accidents. If you would feel unsafe getting on a motorcycle right now and the thought of a motorcycle crash brings you anxiety, that is the daily feeling that your fellow Americans of Color feel every day just by existing. The difference is that you can decide to not ride a motorcycle and eliminate that risk. Americans of color cannot leave that risk behind. Imagine that for a moment.

As an entertainment agency, we do our best to fight stereotypes and racism by providing shared experiences of joy. Entertainment has always been a great equalizer. Through sharing a fun experience with others that do not look like you we open doors and relationships with people who have never had the opportunity to interact with anyone outside their own circle. In this, we are proud to continue providing that shared experience and hope that we are able to continue to touch and change lives for the better and for all.

Gus Davis

VP, The To Go Events Family, Inc.