870 comments about Virtual Game Show Host Gus Davis

What an amazing initial run for our Virtual Game Show!

Last night marked the end of 6 weeks packed with rebuilding our business for the virtual space. We still have plenty of shows lined up, but we have a four day break for the first time since March 17th when we put the show together. The show launched on March 24th and we’ve been crazy busy ever since. We are actively booking Summer Orientations, Project Graduations, Corporate Events, Property Management Events and sponsored shows still. We’re even booking “in person” shows for the fall as well as our virtual shows – in the hopes that campuses will be open. If they’re not, we can easily switch to a virtual show for you.

We have now performed 69 shows for 46 unique colleges and universities. We’ve given away over $20,000 in prizes and have had thousands of participants.

We do an exit survey after every show, and the graphic below is filled with ALL of the quotes about our host Gus Davis, and it’s unanimous, audiences love him!

Thank you to all of the schools who have trusted us in this new format, the students who participated, the students and staff that promoted the shows, our friends who sent us “guest spots”, our spouses who put up with us working 12-18 hour days and who barely saw us even though we were quarantined together. Thanks to the  1000+ students who took the time to fill out our post event survey and the 870 who opted to leave a comment for our host Gus Davis. All 870 of those comments are listed below!

We even have another winner who filled out our survey it is Grant from The University of South Alabama, Congratulations Grant!

If you want to see the image below a little bigger – just click on it.

I’m officially going to be campaigning for Gus Davis to be Entertainer of the Year in the college market. I believe anyone who’s seen him host a game show can agree he’s raised it to a high art form.

Thanks. – CJ Johnson