360° Spin Booth great for costumed events!

Guests at the recent Community Transporation Association of America (CTAA) convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recently had the 360 Booth at their “Denim and Diamonds” final night Gala. Everyone was dressed up in sequins, cowboy hats, and even a few more elaborate costumes!

We customized the sharing station screens to include “Denim and Diamonds” for the SMS, AirDrop, and E-mail options buttons and created a virtual background with the event logo as well.

Best of all, everyone got to share 360° videos of the efforts they’d put into their attire for the evening when they were all dressed up!

If you’re having a themed event, especially one where people are getting dressed up in costumes or a theme – don’t forget to include our 360° Spin Booth to get your guests a 360° view of what they look like when all dressed up!